How to maintain the level of competitiveness in AI-driven world

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 11, 2018 | 10302 Views

Today whole world is seeing transformational change and artificial intelligence lies at the centre of this change process. With the growing adoption of AI, the future of employment will see drastically shift, new jobs are being created whereas few jobs are taken away be machines and robots.

A survey report by Pew Research center shows that 65% of the American believes that robot will probably do much of the works, that human performs today over the 50 years in future. This create a wariness environment for human that how would the compete?

Some expert believes that man and machine together can-do miracles, their collaborative effort will help human to remain competitive. Artificial intelligence now became capable to learn from its experience. So, AI could make our all dreams realize or may cause destructions in human life. Still no one can predict fully how AI is going to impact our life in future.

Today's world is divided into two parts that is Mind versus Heart or we can say Artificial Intelligence versus Emotional intelligence. Here a question arises whether the future AI will be able to surpass human on emotional ability or it will become source to human being to compete with artificial intelligence. So now the level and magnitude o competition has shifted from human to human for jobs towards human to machine as todays machine has the feature to learn, adapt and adjust as per its past experience.

Although we have seen the development in AI is able to understand emotions and sentiment of user while interacting with them to some extent but the state of emotional awareness is impossible to attain fully irrespective of powerful artificial intelligence. So, in future Emotional intelligence will act as competitive weapon to compete against AI or machine.

few to maintain competitiveness in AI-driven world
  • AI is going to disrupt many field but still there will be need of human being in the development and optimization of AI. So, identify the areas where AI can be optimized to improve human intelligence to function more efficiently.  
  • AI will create many new jobs and required new skill sets and competencies to meet the expectation of job role. So, humans are required identify potential job opportunities and industry's requirement of skills and develop and upgrade their skill set.
  • With AI virtual assistance, the work of human agent will be less in volume and more in vale. So, bot will not replace human rather bot and human agent jointly will enhance the ability to enhance user experience and resolve their grievances easily and quickly.
  • In the growing amount of data machine will able to organise and interpret data sets and provide choices of decisions but only when human is able to understand the meaning and context behind patterns and trends identified by machines to take informed decision.

So, in the world of Artificial intelligence, human needs to develop technical acumen and human qualities like emotional intelligence to remain competitive. Human will always be effective in developing relationships, creating something new, identifying innovative solutions to complex problems with critical thinking.

Source: HOB