AI: Farmers New Helping Hand

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 11, 2018 | 16593 Views

Indian is an agrarian economy over 58 percent of the rural households depends on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture activities like planting, maintaining and harvesting crops need money, energy, labor and resources so diminish and switch some of the human actions and guarantee efficiency that why the AI comes into the picture. The big company Microsoft is taking AI in agriculture a further step and helped Indian farmers to begun use of AI to increase efficiency and further encouraging them to harvest a good crop. 
AI in Agriculture:
Agriculture is slowly becoming digital and AI is transforming in almost in all sectors. But in Agriculture it is emerging in three following categories:

  • Agricultural Robotics.
  • Soil and crop monitoring.
  • Predictive analytics. 
Farmers are increasingly using sensors and soil sampling method to collect data and further this data is stored on farm management system that permits for improved processing and analysis. The accessibility of data is paving a way to deploy AI in agriculture.  Number of companies is investing in algorithms that are very useful in agriculture. For example image recognition is used in identifying the potatoes and natural language toolkit is used for making field notes.  
Application of AI in Agriculture:
  • Blue River Technology (Weed Control): With the help of this technology the weed monitoring is done and the use of sensors that detect weeds, the type of weeds and right herbicides to apply the right amount around the plant. The short video demonstrates how the robot works in action.
  •  Harvest CROO Robotics (Crop Harvesting): This technology is developed to help strawberry farmers in pick and pack their crops at specific point of time. This technology believes that it will save time and money and increase the yield by reducing energy usage and thus improves the quality. For more insights check the video.
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis App (Plantix):  This app identifies defects and nutrient deficiencies in soil. This app basically detect the plant diseases, the smart phones collects the image and further diagnosis the plant health. This application uses both AI and Machine Learning to solve the plant disease. For more insights check the video.

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, this app give updates to Indian farmers. Indian farmers use AI for sowing recommendation, seed treatment, optimum sowing depth, preventive weed management, land preparation, farmyard manure application, recommendation on harvesting, shade drying of harvested pods and storage. Indian agriculture has been usually rain dependent and climate change has made farmers extremely crop loss. The sowing app serves the best time to sow depending on weather conditions, soil and other indicators and protect the Indian farmers from inaccurate forecasts. This app relies on business intelligence tools that provide a clear understanding on the soil health, fertilizer recommendations and seven day weather forecast powered by the world's best available weather observation model. This app is used in the villages of Telangana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. 

Insights from AI through the agriculture life cycle will help to reduce insecurity and risk in agriculture operations. Use of AI in agriculture can potentially transform the lives of millions of farmers in India and world over.

Source: HOB