Google's Ethical Code of Conduct for Artificial Intelligence

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 11, 2018 | 10497 Views

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to make people's life easier and more convenient. But no one can exact predict the potential of AI in future that will impact human life. So, Google has published some ethical code of conduct for its implementation and application.

Google has implemented AI in almost every product of it to make its product more useful for the users from email that is spam free, easy to compose to the digital virtual assistance that can talk more like a human and users enjoy to talk with google assistance.

Artificial intelligence is being used to solve many complex problems such as two high school students are building AI-powered sensor named TensorFlow with machine learning to predict wildfires, farmers are using AI to monitor the health of crops and soil and prevent crops from pesticides, doctors are implementing AI to diagnose cancer and prevent blindness and AI has potential to solve many other problems as well. This is the reason google is investing much in the research and study of AI and related technologies to identify its scope, potential benefit and limitations. 

Google research team has realised that these powerful technologies will have significant impact on the human being and society as a whole in coming years and even for longer duration. Keeping this in mind, Google as a leader in the adoption of these technologies has announced seven ethical code of conduct for further work and development in AI on 7th June 2018. These principles are not theoretical concept but it will act as standard or governing principle for the development of AI-powered products and in AI-related research and development, business process and decision-making.
Seven Governing Principles:
Google has identified seven key objectives for the implementation of artificial intelligence in its business which are

  • Be Socially Beneficial
As AI is going to impact almost every industry be it Healthcare, Entertainment, Media, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation etc or society as a whole. The advancement in AI is going to make transformative change in human life in future. So, Google will move ahead only for those development in AI which will benefit the society at large and the benefit exceeds foreseeable risk and harm after considering the economic as well as human factor in the implementation of AI.
Also, google will provide accurate and quality information to the interested user with the help of AI while maintaining the respect for cultural, social and legal norms in countries where it operates.

  • Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias
AI data-set and algorithm can reflect and reduce unfair biasiness but for different country distinguishing fair biases with unfair will differ and a difficult task. Google will avoid unjust impact or unfair practices on people and society particularly in sensitive matters such as race, nationality, political and religious belief, sexual orientation, income etc.

  • Be built and tested for safety
Google will ensure strong safety and security practices in its AI-powered products and services. Also, google will go for testing AI technologies against the constraints and continuously monitor its operation and impact when deployed for use. Google will design such AI system that will be cautious and the develop in system will ensure best practice. 

  • Be accountable to people
The AI system designed by AI will be accountable for its functioning and provide opportunity for feedback and relevant explanation. The system will be subjected to appropriate human direction and control.

  • Incorporate Privacy design principles
Google will incorporate privacy principle in the use and development of its AI system and provide opportunity to its user for notice and consent. It will also provide transparency and control over the use of data related to its user.

  • Uphold high standards of scientific excellence
In future AI has huge potential to open its realm in different fields of knowledge and scientific research such as biology, chemistry and environmental science. Google will uphold high standards of scientific excellence in the path of progress and development in AI-related system and technologies.

  • Be made available for the uses that accord with these principles
Technologies have applications in many use cases. So, Google will limit the use and application o AI in harmful and abusive application. With the development in AI Google will evaluate continuously its uses in many terms. 

Thua, these are seven objectives that will serve the purpose of deployment and development of AI in Google's Products and offerings and research and study for the development of AI. Also, Google has identified some areas where it will restrict Applications of artificial intelligence such as technology that will cause overall or material harm, Weapons and other technology whose purpose or implementation may cause injury to people, technology that may gather of use information causing violence of international accepted norms.
So, google want to make it clear that the use and application of AI will be as per the Government and other legal, social and ethical norms.

Source: HOB