Travel Bot or Travel Apps: Which one is better?

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 4, 2018 | 19560 Views

Chatbots has been proved of great importance in providing customer support and services and handling their queries in different industries. Tour and travel industries have identified potential of chatbots in bringing business growth and customer engagement.

Tour and travel industries used different mobile apps to serve customer and offer him customized services. But one of the common problem faced by customers is they have to install different apps for different services. Each application only one or two issues related to tour and travel. Such as one is focused to tell about attractive destinations in visit in a city, other one is to tell about local transportation facilities, another one is about hotel and flight bookings etc. installation of different apps to avail these services sometimes make customer feel frustrated. 

Travel Bot- All in one
Travel chatbot offer assistance to resolve these issues at one place and does not required installation of different apps. They used existing applications, platforms or browsers like, messenger, SMS, emails etc. travel chatbots resolve all queries at one place and gives user alert with notifications, promotional offers, discounts or special offers etc. it is an easiest way to provide customer support and better services. Only user need to ask questions with travel bot. using travel bots replaces many apps and offers one stop solutions to its user. Travel bots answer understands customer query and respond more accurately and detailed information about sightseeing destinations and city services.

While interaction with travel bots, user can explore about a city by asking simple question to bot that is what things to do in the city or with keywords like restaurants, shopping, historical places etc. even chatbot with best practices can assist with directions and guest review about different places and helps in taking more informed decision by the prospects.

Bot has ability to teach itself
Travels apps and websites required user to became familiar with its interface and options available and feature offered to avail the benefits faster. But the travel bot has different functioning. The AI-enabled travel chatbot has ability to teach itself with machine learning and natural language processing. With the help of machine learning and NLP, travel bots easily understand the human language and commonly used phraseology. Travel bot has the ability to develop itself and become smarter over the time with its interactions and assist travel agencies to improve their services based on the feedback and reviews collected by chatbot while interaction with customers.

Travel bots increase user engagement and retain customers
Travel apps lack in real-time adaptability feature and if user face difficulty in getting relevant information then immediately they may search for different source or may switch to another application. Travel bots overcome this issue as if a user is in conversation with a chatbot and bot is not finding relevant answer to user query it will connect to human agent. The collaborative effort of bot and human engage customer for longer duration and retain them. Chatbot offers a proactive approach to serve customer with travel related services. Thus, it improves overall customer experience.

So, many travel agencies and tourism companies in the industry are developing their own travel bots to serve their customer and others are getting solutions by bot developer to retain customer ad grow their business.

Source: HOB