How business could be benefited with Cloud Computing

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 30, 2018 | 22710 Views

The technological revolution is changing the way we do business. Every organization is trying to use innovative technology to ease and improve business processes. Cloud computing is one of them benefiting business in many ways.

Cloud computing technology is influencing business management of modern organization. The modern-day organization is featured with changing way of data gathering, storage and utilisation for optimum business performance.

Cloud computing has become integral part of modern organization because of its features of up scaling and down scaling whenever required and eliminating the need of hardware.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing means shifting all physical points of computer server into cloud connected by high-speed optical fibre cables. Cloud computing is the web network that offers on-demand services to store and access database and process it. It provides cloud services platform such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • It facilitates fast flow of information from organization to user to handle website traffic easily. By putting website server on cloud, organisation can reduce inconvenience or time to browse a website in case of heavy traffic.
  • It reduces the IT related cost to the organization such as cost of software, need of server and hardware etc. now organization no need to purchase heavy and expensive systems or server, cloud computing provides these services. Even using cloud computing services reduce operating and maintenance cost as well. 
  • It is an environment friendly and cost-effective management tool to manage servers and data centres. Cloud computing improves collaboration of people from different groups in real time.
  • Advancement in cloud computing technology assist organization in designing products and services based on the feedback collected on the cloud.
  • AI enables cloud computing in image and speech recognition that improves the customer services.  Few start ups are offerings their products and services through software centric articles.
  • Cloud computing helps to set up virtual office with the flexibility to connect your business anytime and anywhere. It enables organization and its member to access data on cloud at any point of time, anywhere.
  • Cloud computing facilitates flexibility in scale up or scale down operation and storage needs. Cloud computing also support automatic updates in software version or technologies.
  • The data stored in cloud is safe, secured in case of any disaster or failure of system. Cloud computing provide facility of backed up your data if deleted from your system. So, it reduces the downtime and loss of productivity in case of failure of system.

Using cloud computing improves collaborations efficiency, flexibility working practices and easily access of data at any point of time from anywhere. Experts believe that with the development in AI, cloud computing market will grow exponentially.

Source: HOB