The Most Captivating Digital Marketing Trends in The Year 2018

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 19, 2018 | 11415 Views

The marketing landscape is continuously changing due to emerging technologies and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. However, to stay competitive you need to be ahead of the curve so that you can take benefit of new marketing opportunities.
The aim of marketing is to acquire the maximum number of new leads while spending the minimum amount of money. 

Here are the few trends to keep in mind:

  • Content Marketing: Generating a kind of content that adds value to your potential customer's daily lives and it will be essential if you want to convert them into loyal customers.

  • Smart Phones: Smart Phone are officially the type of devices users prefer to access the internet on. Now most of the customers use mobile and run all the applications over it. So, you can optimize user experience on Mobile Device.

  • Influencer Marketing: Let's the experts talk about your brand, make that kind of popular. Influencer's have the creditability and popularity that your business needs.

  • Voice Search: Voice search is becoming more and more popular. Optimize your search campaigns so they use more natural language and use long tail keyword and now the number of voice search traffic has increased. 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing digital marketing since it allows you to know the desires of the consumers using technologies such as Machine Learning, Chatbots and Big Data Analysis.

  • Personalisation: The consumer is the essence of your company. Customize each point of contact with your target audience. So customization is the best strategy as consumers are the king of the market.

  • Automation: Automating certain digital marketing activities will save you time and improve the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns. By automating certain things you can give more time to the specific relevant task.

  • Interactive Formats: People don't just want to see your content, they also want to interact with it! Some examples of this are 3D experiences, 360-degree videos and live- streaming videos.

  • Native Advertising: Invasive advertising is a thing of the past. Tailor your ads so they integrate with the context of your content in a natural way, to make them more relevant and useful to the user's.

Conclusion: Marketing has never been so thrilling with new potentials emerging on a yearly basis, and 2018 will be no different. The trick is to move on new trends by acting fast and implementing strategies with confidence.
While the strategies charted in this article are all likely to tilt the odds of success for many businesses. Keep an eye out for new, unforeseen marketing opportunities to get the jump on your competition. Be proactive about formulating new marketing strategies, and 2018 will offer a wealth of new opportunities.

Source: HOB