Boost your Career in Data Analytics: Popular Online Certifications

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 18, 2018 | 8259 Views

The shift towards data driven approach has created demand for data analyst. The application of big data and data analytics is increasing day by day. So, career in data analytics will provide students with opportunity in different industries.

Many colleges have started offering Bachelor and masterĂ¢??s degree in Data Analytics. But this is not sufficient. Regular innovation in technologies has led to develop many analytical tools almost every day.

So, there are many online courses available which can boost your career and can add value to your CV. Getting certifications will add value to skills and knowledge and the best way to get a good job in this competitive world.

Below is the list of 5 online certifications to become Data Analytics:

This is an online course offered by Coursera that provide students an understanding about data analytics and it applications in business decisions. This course is created by PwC and comprise of 4 weeks. The course will help you to know about data of different nature and will make you learn different data analysis techniques. At the end of the course you will be provided with the simulation projects where you can apply all of your learning to choose best course of action in decision making.

This course if created by Hopkins University comprise of 5 courses. The course is an opportunity to learn about how to build an enterprise using data driven approach. If you have not works with data science before, no need to worry. This crash course will help you with the fundamentals. This also helps to know about their roles and responsibility as a leader to play with data science and influence your team. This course also provides an opportunity to apply your learning in real world.

This course is created by University of Michigan comprising of 5 courses for those students who want to elevate their analytics skill with the use of Python Programming. This course is suitable for those who have the basic understanding of Python programming. Getting certified with this course will enable students to apply machine learning, statistical tools, social medial analysis, data visualization etc. after completing the Course, person will be able to use python tool kits such as pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, nltk, and network to discover valuable insight into from data.

This course is offered by Boston University comprising of 7 weeks. The course will make you learn how to gain competitive advantage using data analytics in decision making. This course will offer you to become data driven and evidence-based manager. This course will help a manager to learn about different analytical tools, machine learning and building predictive models and their implications in managerial decision making.
This course is designed by Harvard University with the aim to teach the most popular analytical tools and techniques to analyse high dimensional data. This course comprises of 4 weeks and required some basic knowledge related to statistics, programming, linear algebra. After completing this course, person will be comfortable with basic concepts of machine learning, Factor analysis, Dealing with Batch effects etc.

The online websites like Coursea, EDX, Udacity and many more are offering many other courses related to data analytics designed by renowned universities like Stanford University, Harvard University, Boston University and many more. To upgrade your knowledge keeping looking on these websites.

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