Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 18, 2018 | 10662 Views

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the two major big fields that are going to affect all the industries now the Healthcare industry joins the hands with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We need tools that can help both clinicians and patients to make better healthcare decisions.
Following are the many aspects of the current healthcare system where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are affecting:
  • Care Delivery and patient diagnosis
  • Population health 
  • Cyber-security
  • Clinical decision support
  • Precision medicine
  • Claims collections and payments

These technologies can analyze and categorized both type of data like structured and unstructured data to get right clinical insights and get improve individual and population health through better diagnoses, disease pattern identification and treatment methods.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can improve the patient experience, by allowing physicians to spend more time with patients by automating time-intensive jobs like medical, analyzing image, data entry, procedure and condition monitoring. AI and machine learning have the very real potential to transform health and lives with possibility to help diagnose, predict and treat medical conditions. But now a day's all healthcare industries are not okay with these technologies as it it requires that organizations will need to advance their management abilities to get train with these technologies. 

Hence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are disrupting healthcare by synthesizing better outcomes at lower costs. As the data becomes richer and the technology keeps advancing, the opportunities continue to grow and inspire healthcare practitioners to find new ways to enhance our health and well-being.

Source: HOB