How Google is using Machine Learning to deliver seamless User Experience

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 18, 2018 | 18258 Views

There are many Buzzwords in 2018 like AI, ML, Deep learning and many other. People are curious to know how these technologies are going to change our life. Many big giants have seen the potential of these technologies and they are applying it in their business. 

Google is also implanting Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, algorithms, Natural language processing, neural network, Deep Learning. Lets explore how google is leveraging benefits from these technologies and delivering delightful experience to its user.

5 Ways How google is implementing Machine learning 

Google has already embedded AI, ML and deep learning in its products and services such as Gmail, Google Map, Google Search etc. and we can see the difference in the user experience. 
In Gmail if you have logged in more than one account in your phone, you can see that among all the email Id google will automatically separate the important message in your priority inbox. Based on the data, machine learning learn automatically what messages are important for you and what are not important.

We have seen a new feature in our Gmail that is Smart Reply. Based on the nature of email that we have received google provides us with the smart and readymade reply at the end sometimes we use it to show our acknowledgement to the sender in response.

Machine learning embedded in Google search and maps also learns from our search history and estimates probably what we might be looking for and according suggest us relevant options. Based on our search history, some popular things going on and relevance of the context related to a particular search query google search engine recommend us different alternatives.
Google has applied natural language processing integrated with machine learning in its search engine to recognize voice, face, video other than speech recognition. With the help of NLP, google is able to understand human language and respond more accurately.

We all have seen a google assistance app on the Play store. It is another example of implanting machine learning. Google assistance act as virtual assistance to the user that answer almost all the relevant queries and guide you about many things.  Google assistance can act as an alarm for you. It can text or call on behalf of you. It can book movie tickets for you. It can find out a good family restaurant for you if the place s unknown. Google assistance in many other ways guide us.

        Google has developed a machine learning artificial intelligence system to improve its search engine and ranking system called RankBrain. RankBrain is a system based on machine learning and AI that process Googles search queries. With the application of Rankbrain in google search engine, google is also going to change the website ranking system.
 Machine learning using algorithms has transform the traditional way of search engine optimization and optimize the search query for the user with more relevant, more accurate result. Google is also using machine learning in its search algorithm to improve the quality of website ranking as well.

Self-driving car is one of the best examples of implications of machine learning.
There are many other application of machine learning such as fraud detection, financial modeling, weather forecast, voice recognition. Google is also making use of artificial Intelligence to extend its services.

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