Personalize your Customer Experience with mobile Analytics

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 17, 2018 | 13731 Views

Now a day's mobile became the central part of everyone's life. This shows marketer to exploit mobile generated data to deliver delightful experience to their customers. The connectivity through the mobile devices using different mobile apps can tell more about consumers' needs, expectations and behaviors.

The increased user base and the increased time duration spent on by users on mobile phones provide marketer better scope to learn about customers. Any businessman cannot afford to ignore this opportunity because greater understanding will assist in providing personalized services to the customers.

In this competitive and dynamic environment, personalize customer service is the most crucial aspect that drives growth and success of any business. Irrespective of the different Industries, each company is now focusing on providing customized services and deliver seamless experience to their customers.

Today, the focus of marketer is shifting from customization to singular user experience. They  have realized that customer retention is the most challenging tasks which can be optimized using advance analytics. Analytics helps to learn about customer more and make their journey easy, fast and personal to engage more customer. 

How Mobile Analytics can Personalize Customer Experience

While online buying process, customer has many touch points to reach buying decision. At each point analytics through interest mapping can personalize the interaction and provide filtered information. This will save customer time and improve their experience. 

The mobile analytics using its different mobile apps can collect information about customers likes, dislikes, choice and preferences. This data can be used to deliver customer even more customized services. Amazon is using this concept to provide its customer seamless experience.

Using analytics company can identify what going well as per customer expectations are what not working. Customers don't show their engagement to those apps which they dislike the insights generated through mobile analytics provide scope of improvement and innovation to enhance user experience.

The increased engagement of customer with their mobile open up scope to target specific audience and facilitates personalized interaction to deal with their queries quickly and efficiently.

Now most of the mobile user are active on different social media platform. Analyzing those data can improve the customer understanding and may help marketer to uncover hidden patterns about customer behavior. This helps marketer with proactive approach to deal with customer and meet its need.

There are more to do with mobile analytics but the most important thing is to identify at which interaction point a marketer can optimize mobile analytics. Marketer must be focused what kind of data are relevant to uncover hidden patterns. Another important thing is that marketer must be able to integrate these data to generate real time valuable insights. Real time information will increase the efficiency of marketer to take decision.

Source: HOB