Why Should You Learn Data Science: Know Top 10 Reasons

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 14, 2018 | 9420 Views

Numbers don't lie, data analytics is on rise soon it will be integrate part of all the organizations. Data science has created so much hype in the world of IT sectors that from big to small companies all are now hiring employees who have knowledge regarding this subject. Data science helps an employee to understand data and then synthesize it in a proper way so that they can communicate in a better way which is beneficial for the companies. Why one should learn data science and make it their own career choice. Following are the top ten reasons: 

  • Big Data Expansion:
We all are living in the age of information. The internet's makes it easy to all of us whatever the information we want to get. Now it's totally on us that how we can use the tremendous amount of data to our benefits. Now if we want to succeed in this world we must study the latest trends by looking at the analytical data available and we can determine different ways through which positive outcome can be achieved. 

  • Priority for Organization: 
Everything depends on data, doesn't matter if it's big multinational organization or small organization. All great minds use this data to formulate better strategies for the future of their companies. Many organizations have started using data science for themselves. Let's look few of them starting with Google, when we speak of search thing of Google than many other search engines like Bing, Duck DuckGo, Yahoo etc. all of these search engines including Google make use of Data Science Algorithm to deliver the best result for the search query in fractions of second. Google processes more than 20 petabytes of data every day. With no Data Science the Google can't be noted now a day.

  • Core of Decision Making: 
For any business to take major decisions it is very essential to have knowledge of data science and big data analytics. One of the leading job dissatisfaction reason is that the employees don't have any decision making power. They often feel neglected when it comes to important decision making in the organization. But don't worries as a Data Analytics profession you will be the core of our company for decision making. In fact you will be the integral part of major business decisions and future strategies and it will give you an important role and purpose in the organization. 

  • AI is the Future:
When AI comes to technology, we are moving at an unimaginable speed. Let's see some concepts of AI that how it may change the concept of science fiction into reality and affect us in future. Following are the points:
Automating the transportation: We already have seen the beginning of self- driving cars, very soon we will live in the era of it when the roads is full of safer driverless cars we just simply sit into it and reaches to our destination. The car on auto pilot mode will safely drop you at your entered destination.

Robots taking over the dangerous jobs: Robots are already taking over some the dangerous and hazardous jobs like bomb defusing welding and many jobs we can also integrate with AI. 

  • Robots as a companion:
 Robots are emotionless they give us unbiased results, so that we can treat them as a good and true companion of ourselves.

  • Multiple Job Designations:
When you become data science analyst then you have ample amount of opportunities that you can use it for yourself to get brighter future. So, here is the list of titles for which you can apply in the well reputed organization.

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Metrics and Analytics Specialists
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Big Data Engineer 
  5. Data Analytics Consultant
Companiesuch as IBM, Google, Oracle, Facebook, Amazon etc. have a need of data science analyst and this is the highest pay job now a days.

  • Start your own Start-Up:
Once you learn data science then you can easily start your own business. The ultimate goal of data science is to extract knowledge or insights from the data to inform an improved decision making. Just for the idea you can start data monetization business. The business executive should know the value of data and as the world continues with the senses of real time analytics and it will be continuing the booming business. It means just to sell the data to that organization that are in need of data.

  • Business Optimization: 
There are number of ways how could you use data science in your business. To manage your data science project efficiently and have them delivery the real value to your business you should have some good overview of what data science can help you and how let's check some of them like Increasing the number of customers and serving the customers better and efficiently. By these two ways we can increase the customer engagement. 

  • Ease of Job Hunting:
As companies begin to realize that they have no capacity to comprehensively gather, interpret ate and use the data they have to look for the specialists who can do for them. The demand for professionals with these particular skills set is on rise. 

  • Cost Cutting Technology:
You can optimize the cost to your company very effectively using the Data Science. Most in-efficiencies can be removed with the help of automation. Once we learn data science then we can also reduce over- head cost in the organization.

  • Increasing Pay:
Huge pay for the data science is the plus point. Now a day's demand is also increasing in the industries. So the data analyst profession makes the huge bonus in terms of money. Highest paying skills associated with this job are Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, Java, Handoop and Python. So near future Data science will dominate every sphere of industry. 

Statistics and researches do not lie. It has been seen that data science learning is a growing trend now because this field now offers numerous amount of job positions if you are fluent in this field. Also data science is a relatively new field in the industry. Learning Data science opens the door of job options in various fields.

Source: HOB