Advancement in AI: Turning Point for Telecom Industry

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 11, 2018 | 14271 Views

Telecom sector is one of those industry which always looks for new trends and innovative technology to provide better services to its customer. Telecom Industry has already using the trending technologies such as AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning but the development in AI will be a turning point in terms of connectivity, communication, efficiency and delivering customer services. 

Using AI and chatbot will open some other source of revenue for the industry players. The industry's big players are investing in AI to process big data, to improve process efficiency and to benefit with revenue growth.

The important application of AI is Customer Support chatbots to enhance customer experience. This virtual agent helps to deal with customers routine queries. 
The new thing about chatbots in today's scenario is it can understand human language in voice and respond us with greater accuracy. Now chatbots can resolve queries of those customers who can speak but not comfortable in typing. At call centers consumers expect services 24/7 which a human cannot. Here chatbots can serve customers even in late night when organization is closed and can resolver customer queries. AI enabled chatbots can handle more than one customer at a point of time.

Chatbots in integration with machine learning and NLP can predict the customer needs based on predictive analytics. Predictive analytics analyses the customer action few minutes before he/she approach to chatbots and estimate possible issues. This helps in providing more accurate and faster services.

Chatbots are very powerful interactive tools which can convert window shoppers into customers baes on their behavior on social media and their past interactions and queries.

Machine learning can be useful to know customer behavior based on their data. Telecom sector has big chunk of global market share in terms of mobile user and now companies are focusing towards how to optimize these data with the help of data analytics. 

AI and Machine learning also add value in providing services such as exchange of electronic data, voicemail, data storage, the virtual assistance help companies to understand the patterns and improve decision making process. It also helps in language transition.

SURBO, an AI enabled chatbots emerged as one stop solution for different customer queries. A single bot that can answer customer queries related to billing, plans, customers account management.

Recently, Bharti Airtel in partnership of SK Telecom develop AI assisted network operating system named TANGO which helps to detect network related issues and help in optimization of performance. This system uses big data analytics and machine learning and enhance the accuracy of network management, improve quality of network operation and elevate the user experience. 

So, different companies are adopting AI in different ways to leverage its benefit and keep them updated with innovative solutions to meet customers need.
Researchers believes that telecom industry will be highly benefited with the integrated knowledge from AI, chatbots, machine learning, Internet of Things, database management, cloud management and these technologies will lead to disruptive innovation in their process and services and revenue generation,

Source: HOB