AI Used in Google

By pratosh |Email | May 10, 2018 | 6933 Views

Health care is one of the most important field, which AI is going to transform the most. If more than hundred thousand data points are analyzed per patients more than any single doctor could analyze and quantitively predict the chance of readmission 24 to 38 hours earlier than the traditional method. This gives doctors more time to act. 

Another core product, which Google is trying to improve with AI, is Gmail, which they call it as smart compose. As the name suggest Gmail will be using machine learning to suggest phrase while typing a mail. They will be rolling out smart compose to all the user by the end of this month.  

Google is also bringing a new feature called suggested actions. With the help of it, say for example you went to a wedding and you are going through those pictures Google understands that your friend say X in there in the pictures and offers to share those pictures with X and with one tap those photos can be sent to him. 

AI can also capable of delivering unexpected moments if you happen to have a very special memory in black and white Google is having the capability to recreate that moment in colors and make that moment even more real and special. All these features will be rolled out to Google photos in the next couple of months. 

Google assistant will be able to make a call seamlessly in the background to make a haircut appointment. This technology is called google duplets. It uses natural language understanding, text to speech and deep learning. 

Google partnered with deep mind to work on a new feature called the Adaptive battery. It is designed to give the user a more consistent battery experience. The operating system adapts to the usage pattern to the user and helps enhance the battery life. Adaptive brightness learns the amount of brightness the user is comfortable and adjusts it in a power efficient way. 

Source: HOB