Big Data Making the Education System Smarter

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 10, 2018 | 14073 Views

From Business to Government to Medicine big data is a technological buzz word now a day.  Big Data is essentially the collection and analysis of large amount of data.  In very broad terms it centers on the collection and analysis of large volumes of data.

Big data is managed by applications like Handoop and Cloud-based platforms it can't be managed by traditional application software.
Schools, universities, colleges and educational bodies carry the large amount of data related to their students and faculty. This data can be examined to get visions that can improve the operational efficacy of the educational institutions. Variables like student's behaviour, examination consequences, and the growth of each student as well as their educational requirements will be based on the changing educational necessities. These can be treated through statistical analysis and big data shelters the way for a radical system where scholars will study in exciting ways.

Career Expectation: 
Abstraction deep into a student's performance report will support the accountable authority to see a student's progress, strong points and weaknesses. The reports will propose the areas in which a student is interested and they can further start a career in the same field. If a student is keen on learning a specific subject, then the choice should be appreciated and encouraged so that they can shape their career in right direction. Teachers can gain extreme benefits of big data analytics due to the processing of data-driven systems. This also helps organizations create many learning experiences according to a student's learning ability and fondness. Many programs can be adopted which will encourage individuals to choose what they wish to learn. Through, many reports can be created in the life of a student around what they would like to do or be in the upcoming future. Teachers can improve their teaching skills after getting response for a better learning experience similarly for all scholars.

When big data is applied in an education sector, the whole educational management gains the benefits of this new technology and also the students and parents will be benefited. Computing a student's academic performance is through exams and the marks what they obtained it also studied. Each student scores the unique data trail during his educational time, which can be examined for a better understanding of a student's performance. 

Big data analytics monitors student's activity like their favorite subjects, performance, extracurricular activities, the time they take to finish a test and many more things, this report will help to know the interest area of the students.

Source: HOB