Chatbots in Banking Sector to Make The Financial Life better

By pratosh |Email | May 10, 2018 | 7005 Views

Only 20% of the quarries is found to ne profoundly unique and 80% of the quarries are frequently asked. Customer support personals get to handle both frequently asked and unique problems simultaneously in a disproportionate manner across distributed media guide across mails, calls, and chats. Every new conversation is a new business opportunity chatbots will create an engaging and interactive environment by providing an uninterepted service all throughout the day. This article discuss the use of chatbots in two prominent banks. 

Bank of America:
Erica is a powerful personal voice and chat driven digital assistant that is deiven by AI perdective analytics and cognitive messaging. It is a trusted advisor to 45 million households. It can advise the user based on their spending behavior. It shares information like how much money the user has in her savings and checking account. It also provides ways to save money. Using predictive analytics Erica advises on the spending habits of the users. It informs the user if there is any future payment lined up it asks the user when to schedule the payment and executes the transaction accordingly. Credit card holder can view their FICO score for free. Erica watches the FICO score of the previous months and advice accordingly if the score goes down. It is the integration of all the capabilities into one digital assistant that acts on behalf of 45 million households to make the financial life better.

HDFC bank has been a pioneer in introducing digital innovation in the banking sector. Now HDFC proudly unveil yet another milestone in the history of the Indian banking history. Fully humanoid robot IRA is capable of vocal interactions it can direct people to different section within the bank. Contemporary design and human form makes IRA smarter and friendly. For any banking services and request, IRA is always to help the customers. Its state of the art motion sensor technology leads the customer to the right service counter. It is a major milestone in the Indian banking sector. With artificial intelligence and mobility, IRA is the next step in digital banking. 

Source: HOB