Data Analytics: A Remunerative Career

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 7, 2018 | 11514 Views

With the increase in generation of data, companies are bombarded with large amount of data. This forces company to move towards data-driven approach to business.
This data-driven approach has increased the demand for data analyst and data scientist who can visualize the data to identify valuable insights, uncover hidden patters and grab the opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

Expert says by 2020, there will be a gap between the industry's requirement for data analyst and the availability of candidates to fill these vacancies. As data analytics and big data has significant impact on almost every industries and company are investing to leverage its benefit in decision making.
A data driven approach to business requires excellence in identifying, capturing and storing data and technical and cognitive ability to analyse and visualize the data to get valuable insights. 

So, the field of data analytics as a career is evolving in recent years with big data available to the companies. The data scientist and data analyst are going to provide high-end services to its organisation. They will analyse the data and provide the solutions to the company that how a particular data can provide valued information in problem solving and decision making.

To cope up with the Industry's requirement and matching the talents with the trends, colleges and universities are offering master degree in Data analytics as a career path. Students who are good with numbers, statistical tools and logic and aptitudes can opt for this domain as specialization.

Guidelines to Build career in Data Analytics:
  •   Students who are good in mathematics, statistics and logic can easily build their career as data analyst.  
  • Students with good IT skills and knowledge of Statistical tools can easily learn data mining and visualization process.
  • Students simply after graduation may enroll for data analysis certification. The certification will help to learn all the necessary skills and to gain knowledge    about its application for analyzing data. and after certification can secure job for data analyst profile.
  • An experienced software developer with data mining tools and IT skills cam easily opt for data analyst. Only they require a Data Analyst Certification.
  • Data analytics provides many opportunities such as descriptive statistics, prescriptive statistics and predictive statistics.
  • Students opting for data analytics has multi domain opportunity as bis data and data analytics has wide scope such as health, education, media, retail,    manufacturing etc.
  • Career in data analytics elevate our skills in applied statistics, linear algebra, numerical analysis and graph theory etc.
  • To advance statistical tools, person can enroll for certification on the websites called Coursera, EDX etc.
  • Career in Data Analytics provides growth opportunity because of advancement in technology and digitization.
  • Career in data analytics provides scope for professionals to act as Big Data consultant for many companies.

So, career in data Analytics provides multi domain opportunities, expertise in multi programming language, and various industries knowledge. It helps to improve MS excel skills, problem solving skill, decision making skill, ability to work on advance statistical tools.

Source: HOB