Artificial Intelligence: A big boon for recruitment?

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Apr 30, 2018 | 18678 Views

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word. Heard about it many times? Experienced it? Artificial Intelligence is transforming our day-to-day tasks, business operations & much more. But, Humans are scared to use Artificial intelligence. You might be wondering why's that? Majority of the people fear the use of artificial intelligence and believe that it could somehow replace humans. 
But, AI actually helps in tasks rather than replacing. The same is applicable to the field of recruitment. Here are 3 ways how artificial intelligence facilitates in recruitment:
1. Task Automation:
Recruitment of candidates require a series of monotonous tasks. These tasks include going through resumes, screening of candidates, and shortlisting them by accumulating & analyzing the required data. 
And, using AI can help in carrying out these tasks effectively. Thus, the recruiters can focus on other tasks that requires active participation. 
Artificial intelligence is making lives easier for recruiters by automating every task. With the help of a good strategy and the right use of HR management software, AI can help in shortlisting the best candidates for the organization easily & quickly.
2. Proactive hiring:
The task of recruiters is not only limited to hiring people. They need to go through numerous resumes, setting down parameters, cross-checking the skill set for candidates with the specified role. And, this is very challenging task for recruiters. 
Artificial intelligence helps to solve a number of problems. AI, not only collates data, but facilitates in screening candidates, and choosing the right candidates for the next step in recruitment.  
With the advancement in AI, recruiters will have more time in proactive hiring. 
3. Building a rapport with the candidates:
AI is reliable for recruitment. But, it is not able to build a connecting relationship with the candidates. 
Judging a candidate based on their answers under interview pressure is not the best way to hire the right candidates. Recruiters can find out more about the selected candidates by building a strong rapport with them. The rapport is hampered if recruiters continue taking care of monotonous tasks such as screenings and handling resumes, rather than building a strong bond with them. 
Apart from finding the right candidates for the designated role, it is also important for the candidates to fit into the organizational culture that the company believes in. This is based upon building strong rapport. 
AI has tapped into every sector. We mustn't be scared that it will take our jobs away. We should be thankful enough for AI innovation as it has transformed our lives significantly. 

Source: HOB