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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 27, 2018 | 12873 Views

Every airline company wants the passengers to experience the flight like once in a lifetime experience. By always putting their passenger likes at the top and then as a result plans the whole thing. Also to bring a circumference over all of this, information is the key. They analyze the traveler s data, his preference and his fondness. 

The role of data analytics kicks in. many companies are into this method of satisfying customers and have created solutions which could really help. Big data analytics has kicked in new levels to leverage your experience for any trip. So one must go on and enjoy what this tech world has to offer in.
Although data management is a major issue to be dealt with, as time ascends this won t be a problem either. All across the world an event dedicated to passengers named Passenger Technology Solutions has been launched just to improvise & personalize the passenger journey. 

There are a lot of organizations including Black Swan Data which combines the entire passenger data with the social media trends to decide which food items should be present on the menu. This has helped in two ways reduced food wastage and improved the productivity.

Another organization named Fox Tripper is helping airlines get the best places a passenger would like to spend his holiday in. It uses moving map software which helps to gather information about places a person loves to be in. By collecting all such data, it is now helping to predict best places and activities for a destination.

Everything sounds good until the data privacy comes in. But this too has been taken care of. Airlines won t directly aim to get individual passenger details rather they would categorize passengers into various categories. This is by far the best suitable way to get the things done in a right way. Like certain airlines, use smart data collection activities that would analyze certain factors about the previous purchases made or offers that the passenger checked into. This has helped them increase their revenue by a certain percentage over the years.

Apart from customer experience, there are certainly other factors as well which these airlines target. Marketing, pricing and network strategies are also taken care of. By collecting meaningful data, working on it can eventually get you more bookings over a time span. For example, if you get to know a customer s travel trend, you could present him/her with special offers and easily convert them into fruitful passengers onboard. This could be one of the best ways to get more customers on board and get your revenues high.
Pricing and network strategies can preferably get your revenues a spike soon.

 Not only analyzing a customer s travel trend but digging a deep cut can get you some extraordinary patterns. For instance, during summers, there are more customers who travel from one place to another. Hence you can end up adjusting the prices according to the demand. This surely will give you a rise if utilized efficiently and timely.

Drawing the end to this, there are still hurdles to cross, lots of data still to look after and high efforts to analyze and draw patterns until this model gets really successful. But this race has kick started and not far are those days where getting your favorite window seat would become easy. From real time baggage check to IoT technologies helping customers get their boarding process easy, everything will be just based on previous insights. 

Source: HOB