IBM Security CTO Details How Cyber-Security Fits Into IBM Portfolio

By pratosh |Email | Apr 25, 2018 | 9636 Views

Some companies have a lone CTO, but IBM isn't just any company. IBM has numerous CTOs spread across its' organizational chart. Among them is Sridhar Muppidi who works as VP and CTO IBM Security.
In a video interview with eWEEK, Muppidi discusses what the role of CTO requires at IBM Security. He also delivers insight into how cyber-security is noticed across IBM and what IBM Security explicitly is tasked with achieving.
"IBM Security is a division that is focuses on keeping the bad guys out and good guys in, it's as simple as that," Muppidi said.
Muppidi added that IBM Security is also tasked with understanding different threats and the risks they present to organizations. The other component of IBM Security is at work to help enable business transformation to take place.
While security can be a standalone product and it can also be a feature inside of a product, in Muppidi's view, security is really about more than being either a product or a feature.
"It's a discipline," Muppidi said about security. "It's a discipline that can be transformed into a program, a set of practises, solutions and products."
Artificial Intelligence
IBM Security has been spending an aggregate amount of time observing Artificial Intelligence in recent months and the company discussed new adversarial AI research at the recent RSA Conference event. 
Muppidi said that there are a number of things that can be done to help improve the security of AI. Having trusted data sources is a core groundwork for having a secure AI model, according to Muppidi. He added that having a model that is constantly being trained is another key to success for AI, as is having a model that resistant to noise and tampering.

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