AI Race 2018: Top 10 Indian Startups

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 17, 2018 | 21015 Views

We are making a big bet on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and they are increasing at the fastest pace. Here are the Top 10 Indian Startups which are leading the AI race in 2018.  With a lot of development in AI globally, India is coming up equally in different fields of AI. 

Artivatic Data Labs:  

Artivatic founded in September 2016 by Layak Singh and Puneet Tondon the idea behind is to enable the enterprise to have human brain like intelligent system which has the power to make self-decisions without any human intervention. It is available as a set of API's , SDK's, and  SaaS products. It helps in building and integrates intelligent products and solutions without any developmental efforts. Artivatic is AI Enterprise Tech Platform built on Genomic Science, Psychology and Neuroscience capabilities to automate the decision making, prediction, personalization and recommendation in real time.

Mission: Today's data driven world moves faster than ever. From consumers, products, businesses, operations to revenue, all depends on the intelligent systems that are capable of learning the activities and building insights for better strategy, experience and delivery. Artivatic is built on life-science focused technologies that not only understands insights but also is able to take decisions as 'like humans' on behalf of businesses for better real time personalized consumer experience, automated decision making, improving performance and efficiency with increasing in conversion and revenue. The businesses are able to know more, and faster in real time. It's more beyond Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics - It's true 'AI Brain?. 


 Avaamo:   Avaamo was founded by Sriram Chakravarthy and Ram Menon. It is the venture funded enterprise software company. At the core of Avaamo's offering is a cognitive platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Conversation design and integration to legacy enterprise workflows. The platform dramatically simplifies the time needed to design and deploy enterprise bots to employees and customers.

 Avaamo is deep-learning software company that specializes in conversational interface to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise. Avaamo is building fundamental AI technology across a broad area of neural networks, speech synthesis and deep learning to make conversational computing for the enterprise a reality. Avaamo's technology can be embedded into any platform by entering a few lines of Javascript in existing mobile access systems a quantum jump from the traditional model of building an application.


Bash.AI was founded by Barkha Sharma in March 2017. has been automating HR processes and thereby helping in better and consistent employee experiences. It is essentially a tool that uses AI and big data to power virtual assistants and drive HR for businesses, by mimicking cognitive functions related to HR. Its user-friendly front end interface gives organizations a highly accurate and real time way to automate conversations with employees within an organization. It can be accessed using instant messenger platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and currently has modules such as post hire orientation, ticketing, HR helpdesk, employee engagement, organize HR activities and answer questions related to payslips, company policies, among others. They want to go towards an ecosystem where AI and humans coexist efficiently in the HR settings. Today organizations are trying to out-do one another all aspects and since HR function forms the backbone of any organization, it's important that every effort is made to gain competitive advantage over one another. Bash nurtures the relationship between the employer and the employee.


CustomerSuccessBox was founded by Puneet Kataria and Amritpal Singh in 2016. It is a B2B SaaS customer success platform backed with $1 million in venture funding, CustomerSuccessBox is aimed at delivering proactive customer success. As the startup believes, customer churn is the biggest blocker of growth and it's like trying to fill up a leaky bucket. Such businesses cannot continue to operate with the old reactive support model, this is where CSB comes into picture. 

As customer success is greatly enhanced by using AI and ML to understand customer on-boarding, product adoption and usage analysis, and calculating customer health score, CSB uses it extensively to facilitate the same. They processes millions of activities from 1,00,000 plus end users every week and its patent pending technology is built to handle over 2,200 events per second to monitor customer account health. It is being used by global clients like XebiaLabs, WizIQ, Synup and WoowUp to deliver consistent on-boarding experience.

Discovery AI: 

Discovery AI is a Pune, India based start-up, and mission is to empower enterprises to improve revenue, reduce costs and improve productivity by using the best of breed Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Technologies. The founders believe that context-sensitive customer success is nearly missing in all comprehensive websites and apps used within enterprises. Businesses invest a lot of resources in creating and deploying these digital tools for various customer and employee facing processes. Discovery AI attempts to solve these problems are intrusive and raw in nature. They believe that availability of data and AI can fundamentally change the way we interact with the business systems.


 It was founded in 2015 by Nimesh Mehta, Rockmetric is a 'Cognitive Data Analyst' that automates analysis and insights with a Google-like 'Natural Language Search' interface. The platform automatically understands user queries, analyses data and delivers beautiful charts, descriptive insights and complex analysis instantly. These insights can be securely delivered with role- based across channels like web, mobile, email, voice and other team communication platforms. 

Supertext AI:  

Supertext AI was founded in December 2015 by Avinash Hedge, Mathew J Padayatty and kamalkamman J. They believe in that chatting with a business or a service can be and should be as easy as chatting with a friend-Personalized, Contextual and Fun. They build fully automated website chatbots, mobile chat applications and RPA( Robotic process automation) tools for internal business processess for clients across e-commerce, travel, media and fintech. Flipkart, ESPN and MSIG insurance are some of their clients. The chatbots are designed and developed on their custom AI platform with real-time data analytics, where they have the ability to create and pass tickets via ITSM to support team, have full visibility on bot responses, NLP (natural language processing) training and user interaction history.

Using Supertext one can;      

Integrate and apply Artificial Intelligence to answer queries on chat interfaces.

Create and pass tickets via ITSM (seamless integration) to support teams if the query or request cannot be addressed upfront

Interact with and apply workflow for cross application queries/requests (purchases, third party links etc.)

Access MIS reporting and Data Analytics Dashboard to manage chatbot.


It was founded in 2014, by Rahul Shingrani, a biomedical engineer who has worked over 15 years in the US and India. With a team of eight, their vision has been to save numerous lives by bringing advanced, predictive AI into the healthcare system. The founders have invested personal funds of $100,000 prior to raising a round of $250,000 from a group of investors in December 2016 that was led by pi Ventures. It's all about medicine learning machine. They start working by building the most sophisticated self-enclosed, real time monitoring device a 9 cm triangular patch that the patient places on their chest for as long as is required from a minute to several days. These sophisticated algorithms look for immediate signs as well as longer term subtle changes, allowing clinicians to make immediate, accurate and predictive decisions.


Niramai Health Analytix was founded by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur, this is a Bangalore based deep tech startup addressing critical healthcare problems through automated solutions. Mission is to create a Universal Cancer Screening Method that can save lives. 

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women today. Early diagnosis is very critical to decrease mortality rates. Niramai developing novel software to detect cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods or self-examination. Our solution is a low cost, accurate, automated, portable cancer screening tool that can be operated by a simple clinician. Unlike mammography, our imaging method is radiation free, non-touch, not painful and works for women of all ages.

 The core technology of our solution is an artificial intelligence led diagnostic platform that uses patented thermal image processing and machine learning algorithms for reliable and accurate breast cancer screening. This unique solution can be used as a cancer diagnosis test in hospitals, used for regular preventive health checkups, and also for large scale screening in rural and semi-urban areas. They provide complete hardware-software solution for cancer.

My Ally:  

It was founded in 2015 by Deepti Yanireddy and Naveen Varma Alluri friends at IIT  Madras. This is a AI powered assistant automates the recruiting coordination process so the people can focus on winning the very real War for Talent. Ally's AI powered recruitment coordinator improves time to offer increases conversion rate and optimizes candidate experience by fully automating the scheduling the interviews with better than human speed and accuracy. They present nearly immediate ROI for organization both large and small who are looking to reduce time to fill and boost candidate conversion rate. Their clients are Cisco, Expedia, Riot Games and Compass.

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