I am a marketing intern at Valuefirst Digital Media. I write blogs on AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Automation etc for House of Bots. ...

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I am a marketing intern at Valuefirst Digital Media. I write blogs on AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Automation etc for House of Bots.

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Top 5 chatbot platforms in India

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Top 5 chatbot platforms in India

By shiwaneeg |Email | Apr 12, 2018 | 56214 Views

Chatbot, which began as a fairly unknown niche concept in technology, is now turning into a necessity for mainstream businesses. Read more about all of this in our detailed chatbot market report, right here. India is a key player in the chatbot market today and many indigenous chatbot platforms are well-positioned to compete, not just in the country, but across global markets. While customers are looking for outcomes such as digital assistance, content and improved experience with chatbots, firms need solutions for aspects of the market.


Haptik is a chatbot platform based in Mumbai, India, founded in 2013. They also have an application which is available on Android and iOS. It is a personal assistant mobile app, powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and human assistance.


They provide you chatbots that help you

i. Set your important reminders

ii. Find nearby places

iii. Plan a vacation or travel: book a flight/train tickets, cab and hotel for your comfortable trip

iv. Recharge & Pay Your Important Bills

v. Other miscellaneous services: Shopping, Checking train status, Book Movie Tickets, Order Food


Coca-Cola, HDFC Life, Samsung, Sharekhan, Edelweiss Tokio, Goibibo, Amazon Pay


It has an Inbuilt system. 


Surbo is on of India's leading chatbot generator platform. It allows chatbots to be integrated with all the major platforms like Slack, Skype, FB Messenger & others. 


i. NLP: They provide with chatbots that use Natural Language Processing engine for understanding and sending pre-defined answers to users in human language.

ii. Conversational UI: The chatbots designed provides with an interactive user interface to capture the audience and engage with them with a more personalized touch.

iii. Multi-lingual support: You can Choose chatbot from a range of languages available on the Multi-lingual support as per your audience.

iv. Real-Time Analytics: This platform provides with useful insights and performance reports with real-time analytics quickly.

v. Interactive Content Types: Through Surbo, one can choose from multiple content types available on the platform. Also, it is able to add/edit content and call to actions on the go.

vi. Keyword Extractor: It helps in mapping keywords that users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly.

vii.    Bot + Human: It allows chatbot to reach out to a human agent during live chat to address a one of a kind situation that a bot can't handle. 


Bajaj Finserv, HDFC Home Loans, Hero Motocorp, Payback, Sri Ram Group, Jiva Ayurveda etc.


They have their own in-built NLP engine which understands and sends pre-defined answers to users in human language.


Gupshup is one of the World's Largest Omni-channel Messaging Platform with over 165 Billion Messages Sent, 4.5 Billion Per Month. It is a bot building platform that allows bot builders to build, deploy and publish a bot in a matter of minutes. Gupshup gives you tools for the entire bot lifecycle. Gupshup also works across all platforms. This means that you can write your bot logic once and deploy it with a single click across Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Slack and many other messaging platforms.

Client services 

  • Bot building tools for everyone
  • Different tools for different people. Tools for coders and non-coders alike to simplify bot building.
  • Template Bot Builder for businesses
  • Choose from a list of pre-built bot templates, customize its content and instantly publish it. Launch a full functioning bot in minutes.
  • Flow Bot Builder for non-developers
  • Create your conversation flow with a graphical editor. Create detailed and advanced conversational bots using just point-and-click tools - no coding required.

IDE Bot Builder for developers 

Tools for the entire lifecycle of bot development including scripting, dev, testing, hosting, monitoring and analytics providing an easier and faster way to build advanced bots.

Training-free NLP

Build next-gen intelligent bots that continuously learn and evolve based on your user queries.

Bot to Bot (Inter-Bot) Communication

A channel for Bots to interact with each other enabling amazing new possibilities! Bots can delegate tasks to different bots, transact & negotiate with other Bots, engage in multi-player Bot games, upgrade themselves by leveraging capabilities of other Bots, thus resulting in smarter and more powerful Bots. 


The Gupshup Bot Builder tool has a built-in integration that you can use for Natural Language Processing.


i. Single REST API call: Just use a single API call to extract intents and entities from user queries.

ii. Single Codebase: No need to use a separate NLP system. Keep NLP logic along with other code.

iii. Pre-trained Model: The NLP model is already trained with extensive publicly available data and training set.

iv. Dynamically Updating Model: You can update intents and entities at runtime. No need to rebuild the NLP model.

Step By Step Guide To Build Own Bots:-

  • Simple & easy way to build bots
  • Using our simple and intuitive graphical interface, create your bot with just a few button clicks. No programming required
  • Inbuilt Intelligence- Easily integrate our natural language processing capabilities, manage smalltalk and dynamic response variations
  • Manage complexity with Tree view- The tree view helps navigate complex bot flows and interactions, guiding you through the bot building process
  • Instant preview- With our integrated chat widget and messenger preview options, build, iterate and test your bot before going live
  • Build once and done!- With over 20 channel integrations, publish your bot across multiple channels easily.

Market Share News

Gupshup, a bot platform, has been placed alongside global technology giants Microsoft, Facebook, Google and IBM, among 'visionary' companies that will have the maximum influence on bot services market in the next five years as per the report, Bot Services Market "Global Forecast to 2022", which concludes that chatbots will play a dominant role in driving global businesses. 

Growth rate: 

The global bot services market, which was $356.8 million and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.2%.


The company works with brands like Titan, Cisco and Yes Bank in India, Tata Sky, Yes Bank, Unilever, Flipkart, Ola, ICICI, HDFC and ZeeTV in India and SAGE in UK.

Microsoft and Google have also partnered with Gupshup to equip its developers with cutting-edge tools to build bots for their respective interactive services. 


"One conversation at a time"

Avaamo was ranked 1st innovative AI startup to watch for in the coming time. Its a complex series of information-seeking questions or a complicated dialogue logic, Avaamo enables dynamic generation of new multi-turn conversations from scratch using ML domains and their associated intents and entities.

Avaamo's proprietary NLU Engine helps you process and understand complex user queries. With a specific focus on reducing false positives, the NLU engine classifies users' intents and extracts key entities from users' queries with very high accuracy.

Whether you have very little training data for the new product launch, or you have a ton of raw voice transcripts, Avaamo's Data Science Automation sifts through it, understands the top intents, and intelligently labels and categorizes your data to bootstrap your machine learning models.

Whether it's a complex series of information-seeking questions or a complicated dialogue logic, Avaamo enables dynamic generation of new multi-turn conversations from scratch using ML domains and their associated intents and entities.


It provides with Predictive Modeling with varying unstructured data sets and enterprise data comes in various shapes and sizes ranging from unstructured chat and voice transcripts to structured support queries. 

i. Advanced ML techniques

The Avaamo platform incorporates the techniques of advanced data science ranging from: Bag of Words, bagging, boosting, deep learning, frequency severity methods, generalized additive models, generalized linear models, kernel-based methods, random forests, and many others to categorize the unstructured data.

ii. Unsupervised Deep Learning

Its Data Categorization service eliminates a lot of the traditional machine learning pipeline activities using a combination of intelligent preprocessing, query identification,  and unsupervised classification. This ensures a high degree of accuracy within a few days of getting started. Each chat utterance, voice intonation, emoji, and exclamation mark continually reinforces a positive learning loop. Add the data of your customer service agents, and you can pretty much clone your best agent!

iii. Supervised Learning and Expert Review

Using a series of easy-to-use review tools within the Data Categorization service, subject matter experts can quickly sample and review the accuracy of the unsupervised classification process. After the expert review, it is relatively easy to achieve production-grade accuracy.


The client list is extensive and includes clients like Paysafe, Wipro, Nokia, RGA, reliance capital, Stanley black and decker and Franklin templeton investors, ICICI Prudential, Reliance Nippon life insurance, Birla sunlife insurance, Indiafirst life insurance.

Other highlights and reaches:

  • 6 Industries
  • Avaamo has developed deep domain models for a variety of key industries that will help your company optimize its core value with AI. 200k pre-built models
  • 500k Intents in 27 Countries
  • Avaamo's conversational bots are deployed around the globe and can translate voice and text from one language to another. 
  • 14 language models for Voice & text
  • 1M+ Interactions/day
  • AI enabled conversational bots to integrate into the heart of your enterprise for real business outcomes.
  • 150+ pre-built integrations and 9+ deployment channels


Senseforth is a form of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics that provides natural language customer interactions at scale.


i. Best- in class NLP: Benchmarked NLP engine built from ground-up with proprietary concepts like intentology, metanyms and synergistic boundaries.

ii. Guided Learning: Senseforth's guided learning engine learns continuously based on user inputs, feedback, and pattern recognition. Safe from any brainwashing by internet trolls

iii. Actionization: Actionization takes instant action based on the user context and need. Our bots can connect to various applications and can even kick off workflows.

iv. Deploy Anywhere: Senseforth AI bots can be deployed on the web, mobile, internal systems, messaging apps and even on social platforms.

v. Out-of-Box Connectors: Senseforth connectors streamline implementations to jump-start your go-live with minimal configuration.

vi. In-depth Analytics: Senseforth Analytics engine generates meaningful insights and isolates root causes and key issues for systemic action.


They provide chatbot, Email bot, Knowledge Bot, Sales bot, Offers bot, remittance bot, insights bot, training bot, HR bot, DIY bot, Wealth bot, Search bot


HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Airtel, Godrej Properties, Manipal Hospitals


It has a Built-in NLP having the proprietary concepts like intentology, metanyms and synergistic boundaries.

This article was prepared and compiled by Shiwanee Bibhas Gupta & Lavina Agrawal.

Source: HOB