How IoT Will Change the World

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 12, 2018 | 13467 Views

Everybody talks about the Internet of Things, the IoT but how is the IoT actually going to change our lives?
The Internet of Things is creating a new world, a quantifiable and measureable world, where people and businesses can manage their assets in better informed ways, and can make more timely and better informed decisions about what they want or need to do. By sensing our surrounding environment, the IoT will create many practical improvements in our world, increasing our convenience, health and safety, while at the same time improving energy efficiency and comfort. The IoT will be a new source of wealth creation.
 IoT devices are classified in three categories:
  1. Wearables: Wearables are the devices that people carry with them, which usually connect via Bluetooth to a smart phone, and from there to the Internet. This category includes devices such as smart watches, fitness bands and devices to help people to live more mindfully increasing the weare's awareness of how well they sleep, how much they move around, monitoring their vital signs, etc.
  2. Smart Home Devices: Smart home devices are also part of the IoT and usually connect to the Internet via ZigBee low power wireless communication and the home router. These include all domestic devices, from lights and light switches to motion sensors, thermostats, door locks and automated curtains. Via its Wi-Fi connection to the router, the smart phone also becomes an online dashboard and control device for Smart Home applications.
  3. M2M Device: M2M (Machine to Machine) devices, comprises devices that are directly connected to the cellular network, such as cars that can report their location in case of an accident or theft, or vending machines that can call in when their stocks are running low.
The growth of the IoT can be compared with the growth of the automobile industry. Picture the first cars hitting the road: there were no freeways, no road signs, no rules, no driving licenses. Pedestrians did not know to get out of the way. Drivers did not know how to take turns at intersections. Neither drivers nor pedestrians understood the risks and liabilities, giving no consideration to liability and insurance.

The IoT will change the world in an even more profound way than has the Internet. If we ask someone today how the world existed before Internet, they are speechless. They have no comprehension of how people could communicate or even live their lives without the common place tools we have today. The same will happen with the IoT.

Source: HOB