Machine Learning: Shaping Digital Marketing

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 9, 2018 | 11166 Views

All have probably heard the buzz, there is a big bet on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence let's jump to the discussion that how Machine Learning is shaping Digital Marketing and most of the organizations are leveraging the power of Machine Learning technology. Machine learning has become even more sophisticated and accessible and the industry is seeing rapid growth in ML marketing solutions. This efficiency in identification and classification is at the heart of marketer's attraction to machine learning. As marketers are faced with unprecedented amounts of data, they need solutions to quickly analyze and deliver optimal digital communications.  

Targeting Accurate Audience: One of the most valuable insights to have as a marketer is who exactly you should market to for the highest conversion. Predictive analysis of existing customer audiences, one can target a new demographic. Beyond the new market, machine learning identifies exactly who within the group would be the most efficient to target.

Better Optimized Digital Content: In descriptive analytics, machine learning analyzes consumer behaviors and then determines which digital communications will have the highest conversion rates by channel, audience, device, and more. Beyond that, machine learning will eventually generate new, enhanced messaging that is more effective than what marketers alone could create.

Faster Processes and Resources Required: An extremely time-intensive process, the data analysis alone provided by machine learning saves countless man hours as well as reducing human error. And once the results are ready, the progress made in automated data visualization makes it much easier and quicker for marketers to digest. Machine learning adds a layer of intelligence to existing tools and processes that increases their efficiency.
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Source: HOB