BMW'S Artificial Intelligence Motorbike

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 8, 2018 | 9936 Views

All have probably heard the buzz, the age of Artificial Intelligence has arrived. Technology in today's world is increasing at the fastest pace and with the penetration in the digital transformation we are connected to Artificial Intelligence and one of the very big brand also influenced with the advancement of technology hence, BMW's Artificial Intelligence Motorbike comes into the picture and also comes with a 'Digital Companion'.
The bike is meant to be suited for both beginning and experienced riders. Bike is self-balancing or self-drive and you won't need to wear helmet or safety gears on this super bike, this is because bike has built in self-balancing technology. This system offers advice and adjustment ideas to optimize riding. The black triangle shape of the frame combined with the white trim lines and classic boxer engine. The seat upper frame cover, and wings are made of carbon, and the bike will run on a futuristic "non-gasoline power source." The area at the front will have virtually no buttons except a red rocker switch on the end of the right handlebar, this bike is very advanced in terms of technology. For more learning check out "HOB Artificial Intelligence".

Source: HOB