L'Oreal: Major step towards pioneering at AI in the beauty industry.

By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 5, 2018 | 12570 Views

 What makes a person beautiful? For centuries, scholars debated what comprises of beauty and how to measure beauty in a standardized, reproducible way. Some argue that beauty is not real, that it's a myth, that the perception of beauty is learned, not developed. 

One particular branch of AI & machine learning is now being used to understand images and text. The next question becomes: Can machine learning and AI understand beauty? And more importantly, can machines make us more beautiful?

L'Oreal has already demonstrated a commitment to AI by launching products including brushes that tell you how to better care for your hair.
French cosmetic giant L'Oreal has come across up a Canadian establishment that uses artificial intelligence to help customers put on make-up, as it aims to jump into a more digitally know-how consumer base.

ModiFace, which was established eleven years ago in Toronto, an expertise to help customers apply virtual makeup by tracing facial sorts, features and sin tone. It has been listed over thirty copyrights and gives in to more than 200 technical publications, employs around 70 engineers, examiners and scientists. Its proprietary machineries are already used by nearly all major beauty brands.

With its world-class team, technologies and sustained track record in terms of beauty tech novelties, ModiFace will support the reinvention of the beauty involvement around groundbreaking services to help our clients learn, try and chose products and brands.

L'Oreal and ModiFace want to pioneer this new page of the beauty business and serve their clients with innovative facilities and proficiencies."

ModiFace's founder and chief executive, Parham Arabia, said that the deal would provide his company with the opportunity to innovate on beauty augmented reality and artificial intelligence at an unprecedented scale".

L'Oreal is the world's biggest cosmetic company and has an international portfolio of 34 brands, including Lancome, Biotherm, Kiehl's, Garnier and Maybelline. It employs around 82,600 people globally, including close to 3,900 who work in the company's research and innovation business. It's already demonstrated its commitment to artificial intelligence by launching products including brushes that tell you how to better care for your hair.

Source: HOB