Artificial Intelligence, everywhere and making its way into the corporate world

By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 4, 2018 | 19749 Views

Artificial Intelligence has significant benefits because it can deliver breakthroughs in business process and redefine the ways of doing business. Application of artificial intelligence is being tested by a lot of establishments to ensure efficacy in business processes and escalate employee productivity.

According to a report from tech firm Spiceworks, chatbots and voice assistants powered by artificial intelligence are starting to gain traction in the workplace of large organizations. This report states what is trending in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. This very report surveyed a sample of 500 it professionals, covering the organizations across north America and Europe, found that within the next 12 months, 40 percent of large businesses are expected to implement one or more AI chatbots on company owned devices compared to 25 percent of mid-size companies.

Big Giants Making It Giant at Bots

Business applications of Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Workday already have AI deployment within them. So organizations don't have to build it themselves.  A lot of the organizations have data residing in multiple repositories. The source, origin, and authenticity of the data are debatable. So they have to find the data, cleanse the data and structure it in the right way. Though it is on a rise but a certain amount of organizations are still holding back due to privacy concerns. Looking at the most popular ones like Microsoft's Cortana used by 49 percent of the users, it is on the list of being the most popular ones due to its native integration into windows 10. Followed by the other popular ones like apple's Siri being used by 47 percent of the users, Google assistant by 23 percent and amazon Alexa by 17 percent. These survey results simply show how popular chatbots are around the world. 

Cognitive Systems and AI

Cognitive systems will not only change business processes within organisations, but change the entire business models that most organisations currently follow. AI has widespread implications for the organisations and promises real benefits for the companies that have been quick to adopt the solution. Now, looking specifically at AI chatbots, 14 percent of organizations are using AI chatbots integrated in collaboration tools (e.g., Microsoft teams, slack), while only 2 percent of organisations have custom-built AI chatbots. However, an additional 10 percent plan to build one in the next 12 months. The organisations that are not using AI chatbots or intelligent assistants, the results show 50 percent have not implemented them due to a lack of use cases in the workplace, while 29 percent note security and privacy concerns and 25 percent are holding back due to the cost.

India, wanting to go all in on AI

Particularly in India, the IT business will be the most noticeable capacity profiting from AI. The greater part of the bigger organizations has officially executed AI in their tasks to bring proficiency into business. The report uncovers that 71 percent of the organizations see advantage as far as the automation of the work. Likewise, a large portion of the retail and a portion of the BFSI associations are hoping to utilize AI to enhance the productivity of their deals and showcasing capacity, by better focusing on their clients and enhancing deals forms. They are utilizing AI to enhance client encounter and enhance their dedication positions.

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