Fox Star looks at Chatbots for Marketing

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Mar 26, 2018 | 10695 Views

Fox Star Studios does not want to restrict itself to traditional marketing techniques. The movie production and distribution company is looking at new age technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, listening tools, audience mapping and particularly chatbots or software that can interact with humans via textual or auditory methods to reach out to fans.

The chatbot is a step forward to nurture and grow a highly engaged movie audience film after film, thereby refining our understanding of this target group through their consumer journey. As a studio, we're drifting away from metrics like views and likes or dislikes only but are steering towards a holistic view of audience engagement through defined performance indicators that include volume of conversations, time spent across film assets, genre affinity and sharper audience personas.

The Baaghi 2 promotional material gives out a mobile number that users are invited to call on, after which they get an SMS link that takes them to the chatbot hosted on Facebook Messenger where there are quizzes, songs, dialogue promos and other engagement options. All of Fox Star Studio's social media profiles including YouTube links and its Twitter handle are on the bot, and a like or share or comment on any material from users gives them points on a social leadership board which displays activities of all consumers engaged across the world. Additional points are offered if users agree to link their social media profile, further enabling the studio to map their likes and activities beyond cinema.

At the heart of gamification is engagement, and at the core of this idea is the simplicity through which one can empower real participation by gamifying a campaign and creating a personal relationship with the audience.  Seeing how digital is poised to change everything movie marketers do, this is an important step towards digital analytics, data and audience insights that can help create campaigns. Most industry experts agree that new-age technologies like chatbots are just an addition to the growing sphere of movie marketing that is directly linked to box office collections.

"The use of digital technologies, chatbots and artificial intelligence is a new emerging phenomenon but we will see it becoming mainstream soon." New-age techniques not just help break the clutter but also enable marketers understand their consumers, their behaviours and patterns, and use that data to create communication that can be better accepted.

Source: HOB