Chatbot Features Matrix : Infographic

By Udit |Email | Mar 20, 2018 | 26808 Views

We've done a bit of work for you and gathered some info about certain chatbot building platforms. In this article you can see advantages and disadvantages of bot building platforms.

Chatbot Features Matrix

The table shows what functionality such platforms as Chatfuel, Botsify, OnSequel, Motion.AI amd Flow XO possess. Features are divided into several groups according to certain aspects: social media integrations, plugins, templates, etc. for better understanding of the differences between the platforms.

Having a bundle of bot building platforms to choose from, it's easy enough to build a chatbot, even for beginners. However, most of the tools are either basic or don't possess essential features. Also, because of a rapid increase in the number of tools, it's important not to be lost. Having a short summary of platforms together with features available will always come in handy.

Source: Medium