Why Chatbots Are the Talk of the Town

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Mar 13, 2018 | 11130 Views

Chatbot remains a buzzword since the term was first coined as a Chatterbox in 1994. Today, entrepreneurs are keen to establish a real time connection with their customers using chatbots. Social media giants like Facebook also use them as a part of messaging platforms. There is no exaggeration in considering chatbots as the future of business communication.

Digital marketers have adapted this AI (Artificial Intelligence) advancement to improve the user experience. Chatbots have begun the new era of human and computer interaction and as a result the new trend of integrating chatbots in the corporate ecosystem has evolved.

Some of the reasons why bots are mainstreaming into the corporate:

  • Addressing a huge audience

The number of platforms on which the companies want to mark their presence is increasing day by day,and entrepreneurs need to run multiple marketing campaigns across different channels to get an optimum outcome. Entrepreneurs find it difficult to address a huge audience on various platforms in the current edge of social media.Chatbots enable business people to interlink and update accounts via a message from any platform like Slack, Facebook Messenger, etc. Also, it is easy to cope with nuanced tasks like scheduling content, monitoring and responding quickly to the customers with chatbots.

  • Addressing ever changing trends

Entrepreneurs need to remain in touch with the current marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve. Also, they need to keep a close watch on performance metrics to find the changes and to change the strategy accordingly.Chatbots can help entrepreneurs make this process simple and automatic through classifying various marketing aspects. Here is an example to make this point clear. Like chatbots can be used to facilitate the daily business processes like to do activities, ERP maintenance etc.

  • Eliminating requirement for additional resources

In a one to one marketing, businesses require a dedicated resource that can handle a conversation on 24x7 basis. Chatbots eliminate this necessity. The biggest bot platform Facebook Messenger is an example for this.

  • Increasing flexibility

Chatbots are extremely flexible by design and therefore, they can be readily used for serving different business objectives. For example, a bot can send product recommendations or discount coupons for in store purchases to the customers. It can also facilitate customers with E-Commerce through linking business site to a mobile commerce site. A chatbot can also deliver content same as that of a website, blog or a Facebook page in an interactive manner. Such delivery can give personalized feeling to the customers.

  • Increasing productivity

A chatbot made for in-house activities can provide any official information as and when necessary in an interactive manner. A chatbot also enhances collaborative efforts of the employees to boost their enthusiasm. It can be readily integrated with popular team chat apps like Slack to increase team productivity through optimizing employee performance.

  • Acting as a messaging app

In the E-Commerce and M-Commerce domains, the conversational commerce gains ground as people have started searching for local providers for product and services. As an interactive tool, a chatbot can do a fabulous job for the entrepreneurs on various social networks while offering them all the benefits of conversational commerce.
It is a well-known fact that live chat has a higher customer satisfaction rate as compared to traditional channels like email and SMS, and a chatbot can act as a chat or a messaging app for the companies to increase the customer engagement.


Chatbots can open the doors of endless business opportunities providing the compelling writing and the visuals. They can effectively deal with every aspect of branding while offering a competitive edge to entrepreneurs and leads to higher productivity.

Source: HOB