Data Recovery: How Much Do You Really Know About It?

By ridhigrg |Email | Apr 3, 2020 | 3255 Views

Data recovery is something most people will become familiar with at some point or another - at least in layman's terms. If you own a personal computer, use USB drives or external hard drives or you own a business that relies on computer data to run its everyday operations, you definitely have to know about it.

What is data recovery?
Put simply, it is the act of recovering data that would otherwise be lost. This could happen through a corrupted hard drive or similar piece of hardware, or through the accidental deletion of files. Most people realize that even when files are deleted they can still be retrieved - if only by experts who know what they are doing.

How much do you need to know about it?
In reality, you don't need to know much - at least not unless you have a penchant for this kind of thing. It is perhaps better to say you should know as much as possible about avoiding the need to recover any data in the first place. This can be done by keeping additional copies and storing them in different places so you are aware of where they are and how often they need to be updated.

Is there anything you should avoid?
Some people online (particularly in forums) claim to know a lot about recovering data from corrupted or broken hard drives and similar pieces of hardware. Some will have you putting your hard drive in the freezer, opening it in a steamy room or even dropping it on the floor to get access to it again.

It shouldn't bear saying but it is advisable not to follow the advice of these 'experts' and to seek out professional advice instead. We all know the saying 'you get what you pay for' and if you 'pay' for free advice in a forum you will indeed get something that is worth nothing. If the data on that drive is worth saving, it is worth investing in a professional service to ensure you can get the data back where it belongs.

As you can see it is not necessary to know the ins and outs of data recovery. All you need to know is how to contact an expert in this field if you want to be sure of getting the best result and retrieving your data. Of course, if you can avoid losing it in the first place, so much the better, but as we all know this is not always possible. At least there is an alternative.

Source: HOB