Data Storage in the Cloud - Is It Good for Organizations?

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 14, 2020 | 4155 Views

The Cloud has become a new storage solution for many. Everyone is experimenting with storing their data in the cloud and more and more vendors are coming up with new solutions for data storage in the Cloud.

However, it is not a problem for small organizations and users to give a try to store data in the cloud but it is not possible for corporations to play with their critical data and risk losing it by moving to the cloud without a proper assessment of the cloud storage and ensuring if it is suitable for them.

Cloud Storage is used for various purposes and it is necessary to find out what sort of data can be moved to the cloud.

Primary data
Primary data storage in the cloud is not very suitable as there are various limitations to it. Some of the reasons include the latency and the bandwidth limitations which restrict the data transfer as it is stored at a remote location. However, to overcome this issue there is a hybrid cloud option that is devised by a service provider that stores recent data on local drives to improve response times.

If you have Near-line data then it could be easily moved to the Cloud as it would not require fast response times. The hybrid cloud solutions can be used effectively to store near-line data in the cloud. Unless you want to access large files you will not face bandwidth issues. However, if you want quick access to large files then it would require using local storage for avoiding bandwidth constraints but that would incur additional cost and it would also not be cloud storage as well.

Backup Data
If we consider using Cloud Storage for Backups then it seems more efficient as the data is not required very frequently and is accessed only when there is a need to restore it. But many time's users may accidentally delete their data and need the recent data. In this case, it is not very suitable for organizations. However, small enterprises that can afford to wait for getting their data can use cloud backups and save on a lot of costs incurred on local storage devices.

But if larger corporations wish to use data stored in the Cloud for backups then they can deploy hybrid clouds for accessing recent copies of data that is stored on local storage before being sent to the cloud.

Thus, Cloud Storage can be used for various data storage needs and is usually beneficial for SMB's. And if the data is not huge then it can be very beneficial to use cloud storage as it provides cost advantages and other benefits over traditional solutions of data storage. However, if big enterprises need to move their data in the cloud it can also be done with a hybrid cloud that has local storage in place for improving response times.

Source: HOB