What are the reasons you should learn NLP?

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People from different walks of life learn NLP for different reasons. Some seek to learn NLP so that they can live a life with no barriers or boundaries, while others search for a life that is endowed with huge success and achievement.

Regardless if it is endless physical vitality, enriching personal relationships, financial success or a deep sense of spiritual purpose, learning NLP and properly applying it in your life can certainly help you achieve that.

Unknown to some, great achievers and leaders of the world such as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, etc share something in common. They are all "master practitioners" of NLP.

Regardless they had been through a proper NLP certification program, these are people who learn NLP and make the best use out of it. That's essential because there is a big difference between knowing what to do, and doing what you know.

During our NLP certification, we are often curious about why our practitioners want to learn NLP? What are their main drivers for pushing them to learn NLP and even to become a certified NLP practitioner?

3 Main Reasons Why People Learn NLP
1. To learn to manage priorities - If you have ever encountered any issue about time management in your life, it is usually due to your failure to manage your priorities in life. If everything that needs to be done in your life seems like an important task to you, then you will be hands tied. As such, you will need to learn to manage your priorities well.

Learning to manage your priorities well often requires you to understand what your values are in life so that you can set better and more compelling outcomes for yourself.

Values refer to the things that we think and feel are most important to us. Whenever we are doing what we value most or whenever we are behaving in alignment with our values, we tend to be happier and more satisfied.

2. Influence people - Have you ever dreamed about becoming the person that everyone respects and admires; the kind of person who draws others to you like magnets? Would you like to improve your ability to influence others and enhance your people skills?

In our NLP Practitioner Programs, you will be learning various tools and techniques such as strategies, meta-model, Milton-model, metaphors, etc to study and influence the thoughts of others. You will be learning ways of building more empowering and enriching relationships with the people around you, be it your spouse, children, co-workers, friends, etc.

3. Managing your State - What can be more important in life than your ability to manage your state (emotional or mental state)?

It seems that whenever we are in a positive state (e.g. confidence, calm, etc), everything in our life seems to be flowing. Things just get so much easier. On the other hand, whenever we are in a lousy state (e.g. fear, doubt, worry, etc), we tend to perceive even the simplest things as insurmountable tasks.

Thus, a recognized NLP certification program will take you through myriad techniques to help you manage your state more effectively. These include popular tools and NLP techniques like the Swish pattern, anchoring, new behavior generator, etc.

In a nutshell, NLP is a personal mastery program that all of us need, since it allows us to "re-program" our mind, turning our negative emotions, patterns, and situations into positive emotions, patterns, and situations.

When you learn NLP and apply the techniques and strategies in your life, you will not only influence yourself positively but also those around you.

Currently, you may be holding on to some limiting beliefs which are preventing you from achieving the success and dreams you truly desire in life.

And learning NLP, you will be provided with practical strategies to banish those old and self-defeating patterns and create more empowering and loving relationships with the people around you.

If you have gone through books after books, attended seminars after seminars hoping to learn some practical techniques and strategies that will enable you to overcome some of your worst fears in life but to no avail, then NLP will be the final stop of your quest.

Source: HOB