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Machine Learning Algorithms-Machine Learning Tutorial-Data Science Training-Edureka
This Machine Learning Algorithms Tutorial shall teach you what machine learning is, and the various ways in which you can use machine learning to solve a problem! Towards the end, you will learn how to prepare a data-set for model creation and validation and how you can create a model using any machine learning algorithm!  In this Machine Learning Algorithms Tutorial video you will understand:

1) What is an Algorithm?
2) What is Machine Learning?
3) How is a problem solved using Machine Learning?
4) Types of Machine Learning
5) Machine Learning Algorithms
6) Demo

Linear Regression Analysis-Linear Regression in Python-Machine Learning Algorithms-Simplilearn
This Linear Regression in Machine Learning video will help you understand the basics of Linear Regression algorithm - what is Linear Regression, why is it needed and how Simple Linear Regression works with solved examples, Linear regression analysis, applications of Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression model. In the end, we will implement a use case on the profit estimation of companies using Linear Regression in Python. This Machine Learning tutorial is ideal for beginners who want to understand Data Science algorithms as well as Machine Learning algorithms. 

Below topics are covered in this Linear Regression Machine Learning Tutorial:
1. Introduction to Machine Learning
2. Machine Learning Algorithms
3. Applications of Linear Regression
4. Understanding Linear Regression
5. Multiple Linear Regression
6. Usecase - Profit estimation of companies

Machine Learning Algorithms Full Course-Tutorial
In this video, you will find a comprehensive explanation of many #machinelearning algorithms. Along the way, you will learn how #ML #Algorithms works under the hood.

You will learn about
  • How the decision tree works
  • How Bayes Theorem works
  • How Support Vector Machine works
  • How Deep Neural Network works

Machine learning algorithms, choosing the correct algorithm for your problem - Joakim Lehn

This presentation explanation of the basic concepts and give you an intuitive approach to using different kinds of machine learning algorithms for different tasks. By the end of this presentation, youâ??ll know what category of algorithms is most suited for your problem.

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