Why Machine Learning is becoming more prominent?

By ridhigrg |Email | Oct 4, 2019 | 7560 Views

Machine Learning is a computer application that learns by itself without being programmed by a human. The computer algorithm locates a pattern in data and predicts the apparent outcome. Machine learning is a way of achieving artificial intelligence.
How Does Machine Learning Work?
Ideally, machines are fed with hard coding software. The software gives specific instructions to accomplish tasks. The machine algorithm is trained on how to accomplish tasks. The process involves feeding data to the algorithm and allows the algorithm to regulate itself and develops.

Examples of Machine learning include the ability to recognize an object in an image. When the machine detects an image and the accuracy level is high, the machine is considered "learned". PayPal uses learning machines as a tool that guards its systems against any fraud.

Here are the reasons why machine learning is trending:
1. High Dimensional
Big companies are now adopting machine learning. The adoption of machine learning allows great dimensional software. The software allows reasoning and automated decision making of machines just like humans. Machines can be creative and work strategically.

2. Evolution in Technology
Machine learning is not a fad or hype but an advancement in technology. Through machine learning, we can meet today's most pressing challenges.

3. Reduces Overload
Currently, there is an abundance of data. Data that is collected and stored from emails, social networks, blogs, webinars, RSS and podcasts is growing. Keeping track of useful data is hard. With the introduction of machine learning, it is easy to locate your information. Machine learning has the right tools that locate your data in an orderly manner. Machine learning can handle complex problems that use large volumes of disparate data from people, locations, organizations, and questions.

4. Machine Learning Saves Time and Money
Machine learning helps in processing abundant computation cheaply within a short period. For example, writing reports on customer behavior and email monitoring. Machine learning can generate a report on customer behavior based on recent to old interactions.

Bottom Line
Organizations are looking for ways to grow their business. One way to achieve growth is by introducing machine learning. When implemented correctly, machine learning will solve enormous data problems. For an effective machine learning system, you should have patience, a large volume of data, understand the algorithms available and challenges it can solve and understand the process of learning.

Source: HOB