Swift: To be the Programming language for the future

By ridhigrg |Email | Sep 27, 2019 | 9696 Views

Getting a mobile app developed is no more a rocket science. A trusted development partner and great programming language like Swift will help you get an app that you have always dreamt of. Thus, all you need is to choose a dynamic programming language that will help in the agile development of your application and get you going through some simple steps. While the two most powerful language for iOS app development is Objective C++ and Swift, there are certain thought-provoking facts that make the latter a preferred option for you as well as the developers. Find out why.

Quick and powerful
Swift programming language has been purposely made fast using LLVM compiler and hence offers high-performance. It is the succeeding language of C and Objective C, for which it is coupled with low-level primitives like types, operators, object-oriented features or flow control. All these help the developers to get the performance they desired for.

Simplicity of Syntax
While the key objective of developers who have loads of projects in line is to get a highly approachable and feature-rich language to make things easier for them. The Swift code is a major plus for them as it is extremely brief. Also, lesser code means better readability and lesser vulnerability to errors.

Easy adaptability
Using Swift provides you with the interoperability of Objective C. You are empowered to build new apps using Swift code, incorporating out-of-the-box features and intuitive functions. Being the lightweight and compact programming language with less coding, it is not at all cumbersome and is easy to adopt, even for the novice developers.

Support for dynamic libraries
There is dynamic libraries support in Swift unlike Objective C. In other words, this reduces the complexities in development and trims down the size of the app which accelerates the speed of downloading in the mobile devices.

Used in Linux environments
Swift comes with a full set of capabilities needed for developing apps for cross-platforms, i.e. apps based on iOS and Linux. Rarely found in other programming languages, it can be used in Linux environments.

Less coding
The reduced coding in Swift is primarily due to its support for higher-order functions. It comes with many features that are unusual in any other programming language, such as nested and anonymous functions, idioms and closures. These help in creating simple expressions in just short one line. Furthermore, Swift also decreases the amount of code used for creating repetitive statements or to manipulate the string.

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