Programming Languages which are highlighted with the future aspect in India

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Computer networks are interconnected and they have voice-enabled access controls, intuitive user interfaces, etc. are some of the areas where technology is helping businesses become more efficient. Programming is at the core of these technological innovations and improvements for organizations. Leveraging the right programming language to solve business problems, improve customer experiences and innovate will be the determining factor between the leaders and laggards of the future.

The reassuring part if that there have been rapid improvements in almost every programming language that exists out there, there is no dearth of learning opportunities for developers, and companies are willing to make that much needed continuous investment in fuelling their research and development efforts, while keeping these programming languages at the heart of the evolution. All this presents a great opportunity for developers who can make their invaluable contributions to effect a qualitative transformation in our lives.

Here in this article, you will get to know about some popular coding languages:
Multiple enterprises are working on new and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Blockchain, on the other hand, is being cited as a technology with immense potential across diverse industries as Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, Manufacturing, etc.

If AI and Blockchain have piqued your interest, then you must consider the following programming languages which are considered as the best options for developing AI and Blockchain-enabled solutions:

With Android being the most popular mobile OS in the world, it's not a surprise that Java tops the popularity charts too. The language is a preferred choice among AI professionals. Java offers a host of benefits including ease of debugging ease, package services, enabling the graphical representation of data, simple interface for large scale projects, etc.

Python is a good alternative for AI-centric projects, owing to its simplicity. The languages and syntaxes are quite simple and can be easily understood and learned, facilitating the implementation of a number of AI algorithms. It became immensely popular after Microsoft released Cognitive Toolkit open-source deep-learning framework in 2016 with support for Python.

Solidity is a contract-focused programming language utilized for creating smart contracts. These contracts run on Ethereum Virtual Machine on Blockchain. Its syntax matches with that of JavaScript and is crafted particularly for Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Lisp is yet another popular language for developing Artificial Intelligence. Coders prefer this language since it delivers faster outcomes in prototyping. The programming language possesses a macro mechanism which enables exploration and execution at many levels.

Prolog, a general-purpose logic programming language is another good option for developing AI-based solutions as it comes with mechanisms that enable scalable frameworks. It is also compatible with basic mechanisms like tree-based data structuring, automatic backtracking, etc. which are pivotal for AI programming. Besides Artificial Intelligence, the language is also used in developing healthcare systems.

R language helps with nearly every Artificial Intelligence task including gathering and cleaning up datasets, applying Machine Learning functions, splitting a large dataset into test sets, etc. The language even offers an experimental web interface to enable developers with data analysis leading to a synergy between machine and man.

Languages with the highest payout potential
Projects based on new technologies are on a rise as companies have realized the benefits of embracing technology to the fullest. These languages are preferred by most employers particularly because they support a vast pool of business and end consumer specific applications.

SQL is utilized for communicating with multiple databases and comes in variants including Microsoft SQL and MySQL. After Microsoft rolled out new features in 2016, SQL has become more open-source and compatible with the data analysis language R.

JavaScript is compatible with almost all major browsers and works seamlessly across all web pages. The increased usability of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), enabling offline first performance for web applications has boosted its popularity.

This language is trusted for high performance and utilized for developing games, system software, web and desktop applications.

The Go programming language is an open-source project aimed at making programmers more productive. It facilitates in writing programs for networked machines and also enables the construction of scalable programs.

Objective C
Objective C is a primary language in use by Apple for its iOS, OS X operating systems, and their Application Program Interfaces (APIs). It is an object-centric language which integrates Smalltalk messaging to the C language and also enables the addition of interfaces during runtime.

Perl can be utilized for a host of tasks. It can be used for simple tasks to extract information from a text file or conversion of a text file into another format. It also furnishes a significant number of tools for problems like system programming.

Other popular coding languages in India
A large number of developers coding for the iOS platform leverage the Swift programming language by Apple. Post its release in 2014, Apple's Swift quickly gained popularity owing to features such as scalability, easy to use interface coupled with a huge demand from the mobile app market. Swift developers are now eagerly waiting for the Swift 5 version in the coming months.

The "C Sharp" and C++ language continues to serve as a foundation for many other languages. The language which was originally developed for .NET software framework by Microsoft, can now also be utilized on non-Windows devices post the rollout of .NET core open-source development platform in 2016. The language is primarily used for developing enterprise software by Microsoft.

PHP is utilized in a large number of websites today including Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, etc. It can also be integrated with SQL and JavaScript which further bolsters its popularity among coding developers.

What should you Learn?
It is important to understand that programming is a blend of logical thinking, imagination, and creativity. It takes considerable time and effort to be reasonably competent in any language. With acquired skillsets and knowledge, a professional is designed to excel in a career to achieve his/her personal goals.

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