Some major Skills to become a Software Engineer

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 31, 2019 | 6504 Views

  • Be professional first, if you are paid for 9 hours work 9 hours go home professionalism does not mean stretching all night and on holidays, if your manager gives you the shit show him oxford dictionary and a mirror.

  • Do not learn trillion skills but do not fall in love with skills. That means today you are earning your money from blockchain and u love java but tomorrow maybe you move to data science and then do not try to cling to java and blockchain let it go and learn python. Remember you are a programmer and the language is just a mere tool. Also learning unnecessarily x,y,z language will waste your time when you should be specializing in the current domain.

  • Never work in a dying domain many project managers will give you a shit COBOL is still in demand and work on mainframe, well it is dead dead dead and COBOL programmers only in a few companies in a few countries are in demand if you are in a country like India or US and a fresh graduate never ever accept a dying domain.

  • Do not ask any Tom Dick Harry for career counseling, trust yourself do a lot of research and do not trust so-called experts on Quora and LinkedIn you are the best expert, not Quora

  • Build your brand with passion, if you do not like software engineering do not do it because, in the long run, you will create more problems for your ownself.

  • Be human and honest and never harm anyone and never compromise on self-respect

  • Do not spend time on FB, Google, Quora, and other stupid sites- work and spend time with family and sleep get enough sleep and rest because it is not physical but a mental job.

Source: HOB