How are Companies benefited with the Data Recovery Tools?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 9, 2019 | 6978 Views

What is the best way to keep data safe? Does your company use tape-to-tape data protection, disk-to-tape protection, mirroring an image to recover data, or a Raid system? Companies, big to small, need data recovery tools and a disaster data recovery plan to protect their data. Should companies buy their own software to protect sensitive data? Some of the data programs used to protect data and prevent data loss. Why buying into third-party protection software isn't always as helpful as it seems.

What should you really consider with that third-party software that is supposed to be protecting company data? It may be wise to look at the number of computers needing protection. If you have more than 50 computers on the company's network, third-party encryption software may be a good choice. Some third-party software may not let IT teams integrate into an active directory. There are other encryption software programs available, however, not all offer the same options to business heads or IT teams. Another limitation of data encryption software is that some of the third-party software is that some of the software is easier to break into than others. It may be easy to think your company doesn't need encryption software to protect each computer in the network. However, if a hacker easily gains access into a network, it can cost a company valuable data.

Retrieve data using Images
Many occasions, data can be retrieved through the use of screen images. It is one way to ensure a company doesn't lose valuable data needed for daily operations or to protect customers' banking information. Saving images is useful in event that, data corruption has not made the drive with the images unsafe and missing information, WAV, RAF, CRW, K25, NEF, and ORF files in cameras are retrievable. But, camera files aren't the only files that can be saved. Audio files, such as WAV, M4P, MIDI, and WMA are also found.

Computer users can back up some sensitive data using images. Did you know that by using images, a company computer may be able to be restored following a power surge or outage? No sensitive data is lost. Digital memory cards from cameras should be treated gingerly, in order to lose valuable information through fingerprints. However, no over-the-counter data recovery has a success rate of 100 percent entirely. Hiring a pro can ensure the most data is recovered from bad drives or accidental employee erasures.

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