Top ways for Programmers to Increase there Salary

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 8, 2019 | 5298 Views

Computer programmers are some of the most underpaid high-tech employees anywhere! From a lowly code monkey to senior developers, programmers often don't have the knowledge or desire to try and get the money they deserve. Congratulations on taking the first step by reading this article! Here are the best tips available for increasing your salary if you are a computer programmer.

1. Get Certified
There are dozens of certifications and training programs that will make you more valuable immediately on completion. Talk to your current employer and see if they are willing to pay for the course. Many are happy to do it as long as it improves your work. The most popular certifications these days depends are anything by Microsoft such as the MCSE and Novell like the Novell Certified Engineer.

2. Be Personable
Does your boss like you? Not your work, does he or she like YOU? Get to know your boss. Be friendly and get into his or her good graces. It's a lot harder to deny a raise to someone if they are a friend. You don't have to lick his or her boots, but many programmers just keep their heads down and get the work done. That's only part of your job.

3. Don't Be A Burden
Remember that a big part of your job is to make your boss's life easier. Be seen as the "fixer"; the person who picks up the projects your boss is worried about and gets them done without needing to involve him or her often. Make sure your boss is well aware of who got these projects off his or her shoulders. When you are working on projects, keep good notes about how long it took you and especially what you accomplished. This way you'll have a list of accomplishments available when the time comes to ask for that raise.

4. Know What's Out There
Even if you aren't looking to move to another position, other computer programmer job listings in your area are the best place to find what is being offered. Find a few and see what kind of compensation is being offered. Remember to include the entire compensation package, not just the included computer programmer salary.

5. Know What Your Worth
This is absolutely the most important tip for increasing your salary. Determine what the average salary you should be making in your area, and talk to your boss about it with the data you've collected.

Source: HOB