How easily you can develop modern software through h Programming Language?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 1, 2019 | 8547 Views

The h Programming Language
A simple, fast, open-source, complete and safe language for developing modern software for the web

Example Program


Fast Compilation
h compiles hundreds of characters of source per second. It is not tested that how fast it is, but when the speed was tested it was fast enough that nobody care to profile it.

h is completely memory safe with no garbage collector or heap allocations. It does not allow memory leaks to happen, nor do any programs in h have the possibility to allocate memory.
  • No null
  • Completely deterministic behavior
  • No mutable state
  • No persistence
  • All functions are pure functions
  • No sandboxing required

Zero* Dependencies
h generates WebAssembly, so every binary produced by the compiler is completely dependency free save a single system call: h.h. This allows for modern, future-proof code that will work on all platforms.

h has a simple grammar that gzips to 117 bytes. Creating a runtime environment for h is so trivial just about anyone can do it.

Platform Support
h supports the following platforms:
  • Google Chrome
  • Electron
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Olin

International Out of the Box
h supports multiple written and spoken languages with true contextual awareness. It not only supports the Latin h as input, it also accepts the Lojbanic ' as well. This allows for full 100% internationalization into Lojban should your project needs require it.

Not convinced? Take the word of people we probably didn't pay for their opinion.
  • I don't see the point of this.
  • This solves all my problems. All of them. Just not in the way I expected it to.
  • Yes.
  • Perfect.
  • h is the backbone of my startup.

The h compiler and default runtime are open-source free software sent out into the Public Domain. You can use h for any purpose at all with no limitations or restrictions.

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