Apart from Dot NET Vs PHP Vs Java. Why Dot NET is the best?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jun 26, 2019 | 15870 Views

Comparing the differences, benefits or detriments to using a particular programming language is activity developers engage in intensely and often. The debate has raged for years and will likely only become more heated as time goes on. One's opinion is often based solely on one's familiarity with a particular language and immersion in the community. If someone has extensive experience with some particular language they would almost certainly describe that language as the best language which exists. This is obviously entirely subjective. To get a more subjective understanding of the superiority of one language versus another cost and performance are two metrics by which any language can be measured.

In terms of performance, .NET has a long track record of success versus other options. The speed at which the user will see a website displayed is often faster when the page is built using.NET technologies. Java and PHP also require more coding on average to write similar applications. This makes for more manageable code once the application is completely developed. .NET in this way saves money both on developing and maintaining the application or system you've built.

.NET features compiled the code, as does Java, both utilize pre-compiled and dynamically compiled when a page is requested. PHP must utilize a third-party accelerator to increase performance but it is not pre-installed on most shared hosting servers. PHP is also not object-oriented whereas .NET and Java are object-oriented. This increases the ability to reuse code, other enhanced features reducing development time and encourages developers to write more manageable code.

.NET supports the most number of development languages. C++, C#, Java and many others are currently supported. Java and PHP support is limited to Java and PHP alone. One consideration some programmers feel strongly about is that .NET is not an open source language. Both Java and PHP are open source and some programmers prefer to use an open source language for many reasons. Conversely as has been stated, .NET offers some desirable attributes that the other two do not offer and this may be due in some part at least to the licensing fees required to fully utilize all of the .NET technologies. So again preference in this category is not entirely subjective.

Based on individual needs any of the three languages discussed here could be used to greater effect than any of the others. Generally speaking, though.NET brings just as much if not more power to the equation but brings cost savings and scalability at the same time, a claim which is hard for competing languages to match. Powerful and more affordable, .NET delivers better products without some of the headaches one must endure with other programming languages.

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