K2-Artificial Intelligence Technology has been introduced by Tech Mahindra

By ridhigrg |Email | Jun 25, 2019 | 9840 Views

Hyderabad campus of Tech Mahindra introduces first HR humanoid, earlier this month.

Tech Mahindra Ltd has introduced K2 - the first Human Resource (HR) Humanoid for its Noida Special Economic Zone Campus in Uttar Pradesh.

A perfect blend of knowledge and kindness, K2 will take over the routine HR transactions to provide constant assistance to the HR team in creating an enhanced employee experience,the company said in a statement.

K2 leverages state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology and initiates a conversation without any need for wake-up commands. Keeping in mind the needs of the specially abled, K2 can respond to queries with text display along with Speech. K2 can address general and specific HR-related employee queries as well as handle personal requests for actions like providing payslip, tax forms, etc., and will enable the HR team to focus on other important areas for employee development, Tech Mahindra said.

K2 has been designed to add value to the employee lifecycle across various touchpoints and ready ourselves to be a workplace of the future. We believe the future will be more human than we think, Harshvendra Soin, Chief People Officer, Tech Mahindra, said.

Tech Mahindra plans to deploy the next Humanoid in its Pune campus following the NSEZ campus and will further enable K2 software for enhanced engagement with improved communication skills.

Source: HOB