Does Artificial Intelligence differ from Machine Learning?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jun 21, 2019 | 5691 Views

The data science field is increasing and getting popular day by day. It has attracted thousands of professional interests. It is now one of the demanding careers out there. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence had been two of the disciplines that have gained attention for the past decade.

AI and ML are both disciplines of the Data Science platform. They both are equally important in this field, but they are quite different from each other. Sometimes, they can be stated as the same discipline, but they do have their own unique characteristics. These two concepts arise when there is a discussion on Big Data, Data Analysis, and more. But Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is a broader concept of machines which is able to carry out various tasks in smarter ways. While Machine Learning is a new application of AI. This is based on the idea to give data access to the machines so that they can learn from themselves.

Artificial Intelligence
AI has been known for a very long time. There was a Greek myth that described mechanical men mimicking human activities. The early computers were known as the logical machines which have a good memory and could solve arithmetic problems. Therefore, engineers all around the world were reluctant to create and design the best mechanical brains for making human tasks easier.

We have evolved for centuries. Our thinking process has improved and has been improvising constantly. And therefore, our work and work methods have taken to a new level, and hence the requirements in the AI have also evolved. We now want an AI to analyze the huge volumes of data, calculate complex data, understand the human activities and mimic their behavior, and later help them with their needs.

The AI is the devices designed specifically to act intelligently with the application of two fundamental groups namely - applied and general. Applied AI is the most common system which was designed to trade stocks and shares efficiently. General AI is the system which is designed to handle any tasks but is less common compared to the Applies AI. This area has advanced and has led to the development of Machine Learning. Yes! Machine Learning comes from Artificial Learning - General AI.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning was a breakthrough discovery while the AI was evolving. The reason for ML was due to two reasons. The first was when the vehicle was driven by the AI. That is when the AI was designed to learn things by themselves. The second, there was a need for intelligence that could handle the enormous digital information that was being generated, stored, and was made available for the analysis.

Engineers hence understood the importance of this, and they started teaching the computers and machines to understand human activities and behavior. They then could be plugged on the internet and they could gain all the information.

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