How you can crack Data Science Interview in a ONE go?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jun 20, 2019 | 7173 Views

Data Science is becoming more and more popular as a career choice since it offers both lucrative salaries and the opportunity to have a high impact. The Data Science interview process is challenging, but with dedicated practice, you can succeed. In this video, It is outlined some major 7 steps to pass any Data Science Interview. We'll go over topics like studying techniques, portfolio optimization, and interviewing tips, all of which are prominent in the modern Data Science interview pipeline.

Appearing for any sort of interviews could increase your adrenaline level. Cracking interviews need massive amounts of preparation and research. More so in the given scenario of appearing for a data scientists position, as only appropriate preparation and practice will get you cracking and performing well on the big day. If you are an aspiring data scientist, you are expected to have a working knowledge, or understanding, or the capability to perform over multiple firms, with a bag full of skills.

Continue reading to understand a quick step-by-step approach on specific areas of Aptitude, Technical know-how, and skill sets required to not only clear the interview but to also excel in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning.

The thing about data science is that its application, and hence expectation across industries varies to a large degree. The role is interpreted differently across companies, some might call a Ph.D. Statistician as a data scientist, to others, it means proficiency in excel, while to some it may mean a generalist in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Source: HOB