Azure and AWS can easily be on your tips through these famous Books

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AWS: Developers Guide to AWS Lambda The Ultimate Beginners Guide Kindle Edition by Dennis Hutten 
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda lets you run JavaScript (Node.js), Java & Python scripts/apps in Amazon's (virtually) infinitely scalable cloud environment without having provision VM instances or other "orchestration"; Everything is dynamically autoscaled so if you have 1 user or 1 billion you pay for usage.
AWS is effectively disrupting their (own) existing business with Lambda. Instead of forcing us to pay for EC2 instances in fixed increments and have complex application monitoring/scaling, AWS has built a much simpler way of building & running microservices.
Lambda also disrupts other PlatformasaService ("PaaS") providers such as Heroku, Google App Engine, Azure or Modulus where you pay for a specific amount of compute power & RAM but have a scaling delay and scale in a fixed increment(instances).

Mastering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services Paperback ?? 22 May 2015 by John Savill 
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Mastering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services guides you through the process of creating and managing a public cloud and virtual network using Microsoft Azure. With step-by-step instruction and clear explanation, this book equips you with the skills required to provide services both on-premises and off-premises through full virtualization, providing a deeper understanding of Azure's capabilities as an infrastructure service. Each chapter includes online videos that visualize and enhance the concepts presented in the book and access to a Windows app that provides instant Azure updates and demonstrates the process of going from on-premises to public cloud via Azure. Coverage includes storage customization, connectivity, virtual networks, backing up, hybrid environments, System Center management, and more, giving you everything you need to understand, evaluate, deploy, and maintain environments that utilize Microsoft Azure.

HandsOn Azure for Developers: Implement rich Azure PaaS ecosystems using containers, serverless services, and storage solutions Kindle Edition by Kamil Mrzyglod 
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Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing public cloud service providers in the market currently, and also holds the second highest market share after AWS. Azure has a sophisticated set of services that will help you build fault-tolerant and scalable cloud-based applications.

HandsOn Azure for Developers will take you on a journey through multiple PaaS services available in Azure, including App Services, Functions, and Service Fabric, and explain in detail how to build a complete and reliable system with ease. You will learn about how to maximize your skills when building cloud-based solutions leveraging different SQL/NoSQL databases, serverless and messaging components, and even search engines such as Azure Search. In the concluding chapters, this book covers more advanced scenarios such as scalability best practices, serving static content with Azure CDN, and distributing loads with Azure Traffic Manager.

Azure for Architects: Implementing cloud design, DevOps, IoT, and serverless solutions on your public cloud 1st Edition, Kindle Edition Ritesh Modi
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Over the years, Azure cloud services have grown quickly, and the number of organizations adopting Azure for their cloud services is also gradually increasing. Leading industry giants are finding that Azure fulfills their extensive cloud requirements.

This book will guide you through all the important and tough decisionmaking aspects involved in architecting an Azure public cloud for your organization. The book starts with an extensive introduction to all the categories of designs available with Azure. These design patterns focus on different aspects of cloud such as high availability, data management, and so on.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Quick Reference Guide | CHEAT SHEET: By IPSpecialist Kindle Edition by IP Specialist 
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AWS Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that validate your technical cloud skills and expertise while assisting in your career growth. These are one of the most valuable IT certifications right now since AWS has established an overwhelming lead in the public cloud market. Even with the presence of several tough competitors such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and Rackspace, AWS is by far the dominant public cloud platform today, with an astounding collection of proprietary services that continues to grow. 

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