Top 10 Most Popular Machine Learning Companies In 2019

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Jun 11, 2019 | 22785 Views

These 10 companies are working with cutting-edge machine learning technologies to transform their business operation.

Machine learning has surfaced as one of the most revolutionary and exciting technologies of our time, with new use cases consistently emerging, according to Analytics Insight Magazine in its May-June issue.

Organizations are using machine learning in a variety of ways, but all help make business functions more effective and efficient. Most companies integrate machine learning for data security, real-time analytics, personalized visualizations and dashboards, sales and revenue forecasting, and data integration, according to a recent TIBCO report.
To provide examples of companies successfully executing machine learning technologies, Analytics Insight Magazine identified the following top 10 most innovating machine learning companies of 2019:

  • National Injection Services
  • AlgoFace
  • Brodmann17
  • CredoLab
  • CyberInt
  • Dynamic Yield
  • HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies
  • Intellias
  • OneAD

Source: HOB