Humans and Robots together will be most effective at workplace, according to the Researchers.

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Jun 2, 2019 | 5529 Views

There are avid discussions among the key thinkers on the future of technological innovations. Some believes that we are heading towards a future where we will be replaced by our own creation, the robots. While other considers this a myth and unfold the infinite good things technology can provide to the human kind. Any side we stand in, one thing is obvious - "We are moving into a robot and a human word" where robots are going to move step by step with humans- either in the workplace to handle the most complex tasks or in the personal lives of being used as Assistants (as in case of virtual assistants).

To uncover the realty of how our workplace will be when human and Robots will work together, researchers at the universities of Gottingen, Duisburg-Essen and Trier, in Germany simulated a process from production logistics, such as the typical supply of materials for use in the car or engineering industries. Three teams- Robots alone, Humans alone and human-Robot together were made to do the transport tasks using vehicles. The time taken by all the three teams were measured then. It was found after the completion of the task that the mixed team of humans and robots beat the other teams and outperformed the others. The task was completed in the lesser time by the human robot team and stood out as the most efficient team among the others.
The results of this study were published in the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

It was quite unexpected that the human Robot team was able to beat the other teams and the researchers were quite surprised of the results. It is always a conception among us that Robots are more efficient than us and Automation has the ability to beat the humans. This myth was broken, because if that would be, then the team of robots had won the competition. But, it happened just opposite- Robots were more effective with humans than alone.

"This brings a crucial ray of hope when considering efficiency in all discussions involving automation and digitization," says the first author of the study, Professor Matthias Klumpp from the University of Gottingen. "There will also be many scenarios and uses in the future where mixed teams of robots and humans are superior to entirely robotic machine systems. At the least, excessive fears of dramatic job losses are not justified from our point of view."

After this study, one thing is clear- Robots are best when executed with humans and the future of Robots with humans will be the most effective. Fears of losing jobs and getting replaced by the machines should be broken today.

Source: HOB