Why Business Intelligence is a Must for your Marketing Campaign?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 31, 2019 | 14529 Views

Marketing is one of the most essential components of Business Development. Effective marketing is needed to take your business to the next level and gain a huge Return on Investments (ROIs). The top reasons why using Business Intelligence in marketing is a must for every organization are explained in the article below.

If you are a beginner, just getting to know the concepts of Business Intelligence, watch the above YouTube video on the basics of Business Intelligence. The video will give you the general introduction of Business Intelligence and will make you familiar with the technology.

  • You get to know your customer better:
How well your marketing strategy will be if you do not have any idea of your customers'interests? Do you think that those marketing strategies will work for your business which is aimlessly targeted to your audience? The answer is obviously "No". You need a good knowledge of your customers' interests and behavior before defining a marketing strategy for your business. A Business Intelligence tool, using the past and present data of the customers generate insights which make the companies realize the interests of their potential customers. These insights make a company known of the purchasing habits and interests of the customers, which then the companies use to market only relevant products to the desired customers.

Recommended: Watch the following video to understand the power of BI Dashboard for sales analysis.

  • You get to know the latest Market trend
All your strategies will fail if you carve out a Marketing strategy which focuses on the products which are out of trend in the market. Customers are always attracted towards the latest trends and as a businessman, you should be updated with these trends. Regular updating on the latest trends and then effectively marketing only those products which are most demanded by the customers will not only increase customer inflows to your business but will also make business gain higher revenues.
The advantages of business intelligence tools let companies visualize their data in diverse ways that can produce more actionable results.

  • Targeted Advertisements
Targeted Advertisements can only be possible when you are well known for your potential customer interests. But how will you get to know of these interests when there is a lot of data to handle within the business? Generating insights from such a huge amount of data is next to impossible using conventional methods. But, by using the latest BI tools, insights are generated in the most amazing visuals which are not only easily interpretable but also useful enough to know the potential customers' demands and interests. Insights from these tools that can effectively be used to do targeted advertisements through various social media or online platforms.

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