Want to Know How Hackers Crack your Passwords? Watch these YouTube videos

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 30, 2019 | 7839 Views

In this age of Social Media and online transactions, password hacking is the major concern for every citizen.  A lot of confidential information related to our social media information, our bank details and every of our confidential detail is now protected with a password, which if known by a hacker can cause major disruption in our lives. Hackers can use our personal information for any of the selfish interests which we might be unaware of, so it is important to make our passwords strong enough to be broken by any unauthorized person.  Also, it is advised every time not to forget to log out from the unknown systems after use. In this article, we will look at two amazing and interesting videos of how hackers get to know our password and break into our security system. This is going to be entirely a new thing for you, which I hope would seem interesting to you. 

A new concept of Rainbow tables (contain the password hashes of numerous commonly used passwords) is mentioned in the video along with the common mistakes that one does while creating a Facebook password or any other confidential password. Various techniques that hackers use to break our passwords are explained in the video so clearly that you will understand the common mistakes that you might be doing also while creating a password. 

The video is made for education purpose to let the viewers understand the security system and to get rid of the major problem of hacking. You will learn after the video about your biggest mistakes in setting up passwords and will get familiar with the concept of hacking. The video will be very useful to you for security purposes.

Another interesting video on How Hackers really crack your password. Check it Out.

Some tips for you to get rid of hacking and unauthorized access into your confidential information:
  • Always set your password strong using site of special characters, words, and numbers.
  • Do not use common passwords like abc@123. These are very easy to crack by a hacker.
  • Do not forget t log out from the unknown systems after use.
  • Learn about the various security hacks from the internet and learn new things about security.
  • Do not tell your passwords to your friends and peers.
  • Use the latest versions of software on your Smartphone or in your laptops. Upgrade the software regularly.
  • Do not write your passwords anywhere like, in the diary. If you are writing, then write all your passwords in the confidential diary and keep it away from any unauthorized access.
  • Learn about new technologies and new software before directly using them.

Source: HOB