5 Data Science Blogs that Every Beginner and Professional should follow in Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 30, 2019 | 9957 Views

Whether you are a Professional or a beginner, staying updated on the latest trends in your field is the one thing that you should daily. Specifically talking about the Data Science field, it becomes utmost important for a Data Scientist or a beginner in Data Science to stay updated on the latest trends. In this article, we have listed the top 5 Data Science Blogs that every beginner and Professional must follow. Not only will these blogs make you updated with the latest trends but will also provide you with enough knowledge and skills to be successful in the field.

The community site SmartData Collective is focussed on the latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Management. The site is best for those business Executives who want to make the best and informed data management decisions. Experts from around the globe and key thinkers share their useful insights into the platform, providing rich content to the potential leaders. If you are one of those beginners or Professionals who want to gear up for taking the big business moves and serve a key decision maker in the organization then the site is best for you.

One of the widely used sites by the Data Science community, Dataconomy is very popular among the readers for its rich content related to Data Science. The site is the leading portal for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data-driven technology. Insights provided by a global network of industry-renowned contributors and local communities all across Europe, the site will be the best place to gain knowledge from.

The news outlet inside BIG DATA provides news, strategies, products, and services in the world of Big Data for data scientists as well as IT and business professionals. The site provides useful insights related to big data, data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Also, it provides resources for events, jobs, and research reports which will prove very useful to you in reading research content, finding jobs and knowing about the latest events.

The platform is the one that everyone should follow in Data Science. Apart from providing the rich content on the various trends and concepts, the site will also take you to a number of useful and relevant courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, AI/ Machine Learning and much more. I will personally recommend it to everyone in the community.

The posts made on O'Reilly provides for the latest content in Data Science and Machine Learning. The posts are done by the key experts possessing in-depth knowledge about the subject. Posts include videos, podcasts as well, which make it furthermore interesting to gain insights from here. The contents are updated on a daily basis.

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